Cheap, effective tablet is the inflammation of the prostate

The medicine in the treatment of prostate gland the men form the basis of the recovery. These are included in the complex therapy in all forms, as well as the origin of inflammation of the prostate. Using the tablets can speed up the recovery and improve the health of the patient. The different drugs against the prostate allows you to heal the various forms, stages of development, and concomitant diseases. The inflammation of the prostate brings a lot of discomfort for men who suffer from this disease, and therefore a unique assortment of tablets of the prostate the key to successful treatment and minimal risk of complications.


What is the prostate?

Prostate inflammation, prostate. The condition can occur in acute or chronic form. In the first case, the symptoms expressed, but it may be a low intensity in the initial stage. Chronic prostatitis mild signs of the disease, but sometimes symptoms. To determine the presence of diseases based on symptoms. Prostate features:

  • the presence of the pain, usually the cutting, the nature, the groin, perineum or lower back;
  • pain occurs during urination, cramping is a type of flow;
  • violation of the quality of urinary output: a stream becomes a small, sometimes the process, so you don't need the interrupted, there is incomplete defecation, malaise;
  • more frequent urination.

Choose treatment based on the individual characteristics of the organization, including the important parameters:

  • age indicators;
  • the level of development;
  • the presence of concomitant diseases;
  • the presence of contraindications.

The disease can lead to physiological discomfort, but this is only part of the problem. The psychological aspect is no less important to the person a fear, irritability and aggressiveness. A properly equipped tablet prostate help to eliminate these symptoms and prevent the onset of Allergies, which allows the restoration of the sexual function in men.

Types of medicines used

It is impossible to clearly determine which drug is the most effective of prostate inflammation, as a universal cure for the disease is not developed. No urologist can't allocate the only way of treatment, but all can be described, what the medications of the prostate, dividing them according to the methods effect on the body. Each treatment requires a comprehensive approach, of which there are several varieties of drugs. The development of early stages of the disease the patient can help in such dosage forms as tablets.

Tablets the inflammation of the prostate or:

  • antibacterial agents are present in each treatment. Are you sure that antibiotics are prescribed in case of acute prostate inflammation. The main goal is to eliminate the bacteria, the viruses, which are causative agents of inflammation. Determine the necessary drugs to diagnose the juice of the prostate, this will help you identify the type of pathogenic micro-organisms. Antibacterial therapy is to reach maximum efficiency, the accumulation of high concentration of materials, and reception is carried out the prices for 1 month or more. If severe pain is assigned to intravenous;
  • A-blockers is designed to normalize the process of urination, and decreases the intensity of the symptoms. Preparations soothing effect on the smooth muscles of the urinary tract, relieve the spastic condition of the sphincters, stimulate normal flow of urine and semen. Their use leads to a decrease in the frequency of urination, as well as the normalization of the pressure in the bladder;
  • muscle relaxants – this is another pill of the prostate gland in men, which is similar to the effect as The-blockers, but the emphasis is on the legs. This is the stage when the prostate has excess muscle tone. Since the relaxation of the muscle fibers decreases the pressure in the pool, and then the pain comes;

What the drugs to the prostate, it helps in the specific case can only be decided by your doctor

  • the pain in the prostate only symptomatic effect, to ease the pain, below the stomach. Primarily the well-known medicines;
  • herb. The course includes the treatment of prostate pills, based on herbs. The method eliminates the swelling of glands, reduces inflammation, prevents congestion and improves the flow of body fluids. Among the famous folk preparations isolated pumpkin seeds, fruits creeping palm;
  • the hormones getting block the synthesis of testosterone, because the hormone can accelerate the growth of tissue. They also aim at the normalization of hormonal background;
  • sedative drugs they prescribed when the onset of depression or the common, stressful situations. The men are a real blow to weakness, sexual performance, consequently, anti-anxiety drugs are course of treatment;
  • vitamin complexes to enhance the immune system. This weakens the long course of disease is.

The pill of treatment, prostate for men is the basis for the further treatment.

In the opinion of a specialist

25-year-old to 40 are often diagnosed with infertility. One of the common causes of infertility prostatitis — an inflammation of the prostate. The mainstay of therapy is medical therapy. Mostly prescribed antibiotics. If it's not bacterial nature of the disease, high efficacy, And-adrenergic blockers. They facilitate urination, improve the patient's condition. Prostate affects the psycho-emotional condition of the patient. Therefore, sometimes it is appropriate to prescribe a sedative. Vitamin complex helps to restore the immune system and speed recovery.

The most effective

Antibiotic therapy

the pills

Before determining the treatment method it is necessary to conduct bacterial culture. Then select the appropriate antibiotic. The severe symptoms antibacterial drugs intravenously. Antibiotics are prescribed only after consulting the doctor. Therapy anti-bacterial agents is a necessary part of the successful treatment. Primarily urologists prescribe the drug in the group of pharmaceutical substances with pronounced antimicrobial activity. Chlamydia more often than other pathogens to provoke, prostate and the genitals, and urinary system. When the transition disease a chronic form, the effectiveness of antibiotics is reduced because of inability to penetrate the parenchyma-inflammation in the body. Other pathogens are Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma. Therapy treatment, which ranges from 1-2 months. After taking antibiotics will decrease the pain, decrease the severity of remaining symptoms. The treatment of the prostate is not a bacterial form, antibiotics are not assigned. Some form of the prostate exhibit a high antibiotic resistance, this leads to to use alpha-blockers. Antibiotic therapy plays a leading role in the treatment of prostate inflammation.


Prostate 85% of all clinical cases lead to violations of quality of urination. Alpha-blockers reduce the expression of the disease. The main drawback – the need of prolonged treatment for six months.

The doctor instead:

  • Tamsulosin hydrochloride. The effect of the drug occurs due to the relaxation of smooth muscles in the muscles around the prostate and the bladder neck. The onset of positive effects require to wait 4 hours after eating. In the form of tablets in a dose of 400 mg.
  • Urodynamic corrector, which ensures elimination of symptoms due to the effect of a significant decrease in the activity of the cramps. The device reduces the pressure in the urethra and also promotes the flow of urine. One tablet of 400 mg active substance. Recommended 1 Pcs./day. Available in packages of different capacity: 10, and 30 Db.

Urologists often prescribe these substances - healing of the prostate is the men in this group help to relax the muscles of the urethra and the bladder neck.


The onset of psychological complications, the doctor is willing to prescribe a cheap and effective pill for the complications of the prostate.


Treatment of inflammation is an important element of successful therapy. To reduce inflammation help best quality drugs:

  • Fund for the relief of the inflammatory currents that help eliminate puffiness and restore the normal functioning of the prostate;
  • Tablets not a steroid group, which in addition, has a sedative effect, as well as to ensure that the restoration of the healthy body temperature. The drug reduces the production of prostaglandins, provoking and participating in the inflammatory process.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, which has antipyretic effect. The drug is available. According to the recommendations of the doctor will be the dosage and duration of treatment-ensures the elimination of the inflammatory reactions of the prostate, reducing the temperature or reducing the severity of pain. Additional effects – thinning of the blood, consequently decreasing the risk of thrombosis. The classic method is to use – 15 days or more defines the place.

These medications can help with severe pain in the perineum region.


capsule or tablet

The appearance or recurrence of the prostate a man plagued by pain in the abdomen. Spasm resolved to help relax the muscle muscles, stimulates the blood circulation.

Mostly doctors popular drugs sedative pain properties:

  • High quality, spasmolytic drugs, a fast-emerging positive answer. The operation starts in 15 minutes. The benefits, medicine: safety (contraindications, and adverse effects on low), high-efficiency, availability. The drug includes some cases of course this is not practiced. Drink a maximum of 2 tablets;
  • Muscle relaxant provides relaxation of the muscles excessive tone resulting from inflammatory response. It provides pain relief, but only temporarily. The drugs affect the symptoms, but does not eliminate the root cause;
  • To improve the conductivity of the blood vessels of the affected area. The hallmark of the drug has no direct effect. Use the of course, this allows to achieve a stable therapeutic effect. The drug is used to maintain the state. Completion of the training should be gradual, using low-dose (60 mg) for 3 days.

These medications can help alleviate the patient's condition, the moments, the acute attacks of pain.

Herbal medicine, vitamins

Doctors recommend to boost the immune system for quick and easy recovery. To achieve the desired result help vitamin and mineral complex is important prostate vitamins. There are other drugs these groups to determine exactly what drugs will be effective, and what to avoid, says the specialist. In all cases, you should be prepared for a long time recovery, because the entire course may take from several months to several years in individual cases.