The main symptoms of the prostate in men

Prostate is a fairly common condition among men (women, it's not a disease threatened because the prostate his body, one and only of the genitourinary system). Only one of the five representatives of the stronger even once in his life faced with a similar problem. Prostate the words disease of the urogenital area, mandatory attribute, which is an inflammatory process that is localized in the prostate. Why in this age aktiviziruyutsya problems with the words fajbiológia?

prostate inflammation

The symptoms of a prostate inflammation that first drew the attention of typically the people the following:

  • The disease early stages, when only a prostate gland began to increase, a volume level, just slightly compressing the ureter, which is surrounded like a ring on your finger. Therefore, the first symptoms of the prostate can be considered a small narrowing of the ureter, obstruction, therefore, a certain, that the passage of a urine, difficulty urinating.
  • This resulting problem is frequent urination. At the beginning of appearance this form is not a concern, the people don't wake up to this night, could be a bladder emptying once or twice or night, chalk that one extra Cup of tea for dinner. But the time interval between urination is greatly reduced.
  • The presence of a pain, one of the first symptoms of the prostate. Might be a different feeling, drag, press, and then explode, confused ezek usually in the late afternoon, power or any loading.
  • Smaller disorders, the erection and premature ejaculation, of course, any people your partner some concern, but often the fault, the fatigue, the stress.

Please note

First Such insignificant glance, anomalies of the words of the urogenital system, without proper attention, a patient, not a problem, the doctor is certainly a big problem results, which is chronic inflammation of the prostate. An inflammation of the prostate can be acute, bacterial form, and in the case of a running disease is a complex chronic form.

The symptoms of prostatitis, the acute phase of a bacterial shapes:

  • High body temperature, length of time it takes for an area to 39 degrees.
  • Chills.
  • General weakness, muscle pain, painful condition.
  • Headache.
  • Nausea, in severe cases reaching to recurrent vomiting.
  • Severe pain in a perineum, lower abdomen at regular intervals as well as the lower back testicles. The pain is often worse when the stool and the bowel movement may appear on the mucous membranes, discharge from the urethra.
  • When digital rectal prostate examination the doctor's examination can be identified, the increase in prostate volume, change of structure, often palpated different formations, as well as the scars.
  • Frequent, difficult, painful urination. In fact, a highly inflamed prostate too squeeze the urethra, in the words of the tribe, to start a urination, because it's the same reason that in certain cases the bladder is not completely empty, which does not bring the desired relief after visiting the toilet.
  • Sharp pain during ejaculation.

If we don't treat the prostate at this stage, you are guaranteed to develop in the chronic phase. Chronic prostatitis is divided into three main types:

  • Chronic infectious prostatitis.
  • A chronic not infectious prostatitis.
  • Chronic asymptomatic prostatitis.

The symptoms of prostate a symptom free form, as the name is not available, the patient complained to sammi, completely the same lifestyle as usual. Also, it turns out, in most cases, an accident, if a blood test, a finding, and, to a greater or white amount of blood cells, bacteria, or by taking a biopsy of the prostate.

The symptoms of a prostate inflammation, when chronic, non-bacterial form:

  • Abacterial prostatitis is the name of another, namely, the "chronic pelvic pain syndrome". Pain frequent, repetitive, but varied a little more, and in a big way. Localization of pain, periodic, hard prostate, perineum, and the pain from a tailbone, testicles, in the words of genitals. The bowel pain is concentrated in the rectum, or the rectum. An in increase in the intensity of a pain to log, low load.
  • Disorders of sexual desire, decreased libido, erection unstable, regularly disappears during the process of intercourse and premature ejaculation.
  • Violation of urination. An urge to enough for a bladder emptying is common, but it is completely empty doesn't always work — effort. A stream of urine much thinner will be, it is due to this that the presence of primary sclerosing changes in the ureter in an area of the prostate.
  • Depression, mild or severe depression, lethargy, insomnia, or, conversely, drowsiness, fits, peter the anger — it's possible that the symptoms of psychiatric disorders, in the words of suffer from prostate.

The symptoms of prostatitis is a chronic contagious form:

  • Pain syndrome in this case depends on the degree worsening of the disease, in a given time. A peak concentration of the bacteria pain is dull, nagging, constant, localized in a groin, scrotum, the lower part of a is worse in the sitting position (especially if on a hard surface), urination, defecation, and ejaculation.
  • During the asymptomatic period, a weakening, or total or other symptoms disappearance of the prostate gland is a chronic bacterial form, decreased urination, or rather the voltage, when you try to empty the bladder, a nonsense and that this is the only fully symptoms to keep a person in the disease. At the time of exacerbation often ember is a completely stripped of the ability to urinate, since it's just a prostate inflamed blocks, a hall, a urine in the urethra, or urine drop by drop a river, literally.
  • The feeling, the stretching, the pain in bladder , often accompanied by a disease in the acute phase. The stagnation of urine favors the development of infections and the formation of salt microcrystals, which are the mucous membrane wall of a bladder. Urination, urine may notice that fiber cereal and white or color.
  • Often there long-lasting erection during sleep, but the moment a sexual intercourse, often become so that to complete sexual intercourse is not excluded. If this happens, you may experience sharp pain during an orgasm directly, or after, the ejaculate can be seen that the impurities of the blood.
the healthy and patients the gland

A clinical exacerbation of a prostatitis can be the case an acute reaction to a inflammatory a process prostate, without accurate diagnosis, as well as a high time in the high treatment, that such complications as blood poisoning, in fact, the local areas are a festering in a body of the prostate. The treatment at home is possible only after consulting a specialist, the price of a question of health.

The symptoms of a prostate what should I watch for?

A disease with symptoms much similar, for example, a urination disorder like prostatitis, prostate adenoma. Signs of disease more precisely, characteristic of mint belong to him, avoiding a vague language. Common symptoms of prostate own characteristics of each stage of the disease. For example, if you are running in the acute form of prostatitis inflammation of this glandular-muscular organ developed not only a purulent inflammation, but it is in the form abscissae cavity. This is Often the condition is accompanied by very high, not to decrease the temperature, sharp pain in a lower, suprapubic region, perineum, and upper thighs. Frequent urge to urinate, but the urine flow is significantly hindered, because the urethra is squeezed prostate they to the extent that, in certain cases, the only medical intervention can help to empty the bladder.

The first signs of the prostate in men:

  • Fever, A natural reaction of the body to an inflammatory process.
  • A change in a frequency of urination in a big way (especially at night).
  • Uncomfortable feeling in the urethra: appeared burning sensation, irritation, pain when urination.
  • The appearance of fiber-like formations, the white color of the urine.
  • Pain is a lower.
  • The reduction in the potency, the pain during ejaculation the.

The first signs of the prostate in men a chronic form is almost identical to the sign of the acute phase of the disease, but also is connected to a significant reduction in enjoyment of sexual intercourse, the so-called "fuzzy" orgasm, which is not complete in the previous excitement, satisfaction does not occur. You may experience a bowel movement during urethral mucus.

Secondary signs of inflammation of the prostate gland in men

Oh, but I found the first signs of prostate inflammation, most men are not in a hurry to a big hospital, a hope that will be okay, somehow everything. However, with the passage of time, only exacerbated the symptoms, in addition to certainly a disease adding more unpleasant symptoms.

Secondary signs of inflammation of the prostate in men:

  • Pain during urination. A very advanced cases, blood appears in the urine.
  • Emptying the bladder requires a high effort. A thin stream of urine, and intermittent, the feeling of fullness in the bladder after using a bathroom, sometimes help to cope with the stagnation of the urine can be a doctor.
  • The decrease is a quality erection, until the appearance of a periodic impotence.

Symptoms of various diseases regularly coincide.

The symptoms of the prostate gland in men — the first signs, symptoms, disease, diagnosis, treatment

Medical statistics say that most people on planet a don't know what the prostate. However, not all the disease is quickly detected to manage. If we talk about the age of the disease, the symptoms of a prostate can be diagnosed with a 18 years of age, but a long chronic disease, an inflammation of the gland (prostate) is characteristic for the patients with more advanced age. The name of the disease comes from the Latin "prostate", which literally means that the prostate gland and the inflammation. Prostate in men is a generic name, is an inflammation of the prostate a holistic picture of the look, mechanisms of development, which is not fully understood.


Characteristics of The main, that the local disease is related to the symptoms, the pain. A buy nature, aching, pulling, curved button, or by pressing. A you have entered only next of kin of the prostate in men with mild to strong, but each is a concentrated barrier, the anus, or the sacrum. Because pain is a symptom, is the irritation of the prostate products of an inflammatory process. What else are the symptoms of prostate?


Pain may be accompanied by discharge. An external opening of the urethra often does discharge varying degrees of transparency, different thickness of the expressive, for example, thick, white milk, a urination or at the end of a defecation. A chronic form the patient may be spermatorrhea – a selection of the semen in small doses to the bowel, tension in the muscles of a dam. Selection of the prostate in men, purulent greenish tint. Ezek found a slow course of a disease, a damaged epithelium, mucus, leukocytes. This is a type of discharge, presence of symptoms, the pain, the chills, high body temperature indicates that the transition of the disease in acute form. If you're a sick man, not to the urologist, a disease, that can cause serious pathology: a multiplex prostate, infertility.

The symptoms of chronic prostatitis

The first symptoms of chronic prostatitis can be considered malaise, abdominal pain, sometimes small and go back. A few days later developing sexual dysfunction. After intercourse, a or mountain may be excruciating pain, which is going alone in a few minutes. Finally, it all starts with stimulus, accompanied by burning pain, which gradually increases.

The symptoms of acute prostatitis men

In this form of a disease divided into catarrhal, follicular, suppurative. Cases, The first symptoms of acute prostatitis men characterized by problems with urination, the second spend pain a here, and fever. A third case of a disease in the form of a manifestation of an abscess of the glands of the strongest manifestation of these symptoms.

Treatment, prostate men

The treatment process includes measures to eliminate inflammation and stagnation prostate. The success depends on a fast to get rid of them. Treatment, prostate men a diagnosis to find the root of the problem. The doctor a sample of your urethra if so, will prescribe antibiotic therapy. A duration of treatment depends on the degree of destruction of the test and to actually disappear, the existing symptoms.