The disease of the prostate symptoms in men treatment.


The reason is the prostate is distinguished, the following -a main reason the prostate is a circulation, which leads to enlargement of the prostate. Because blood is a circulatory disorders, a sedentary lifestyle, as well as a lot of weight. Another reason for the prostate infection. Often, the infection can reach the result of gonorrhoea, urethritis or, at least – a result of complications from a tonsillitis, influenza, and tuberculosis. Prostatitis bacterial buy nature starts when a relationship of infectious agents in a prostate through the blood, lymph, during unprotected intercourse, in other words, the use of biological fluids in the body. The different micro-organisms constantly present in the skin of a person, or even an abdominal cavity, e.g. the intestine, under certain conditions, can trigger the development of the disease.

Damage to organs and soft tissues, a pool, a violation of the circulation is often the cause of the prostate. As a general rule, this is the most relevant for the leaders, whose work is connected with professional hazards, the constant vibration, shaking, increased load on the muscles of a dam. The development of the disease contribute to hypothermia, as well as a common low physical activity, a presence, a chronic diseases, urogenital, or failure, hormonal balance, urinary retention, and not a regular sexual life. When a violent male sexual activity fast the nervous and physical exhaustion, disrupted hormonal system, the secretions of the sex glands, but a gradual decrease, a potential. Not the best way affects the health of the men, no problem, a disturbing sexual acts. Experts say that the reasons for the formation of the disease:


  • The weakening of the immune system – decrease barriers that prevent many viral infections;
  • Infectious processes viral elements, pathogens, bacteria through the blood or lymph in the manner of the prostate. A symptom of this phenomenon is the temperature, when the prostate increases.
  • Sedentary lifestyle – caused disturbance of the circulation, lack of oxygen;
  • Any disruption in the circulation as a consequence of stagnant moments in the genital area – caused by the sexual life, length of stay, sex, sexual irregular sexual relations.

A main cause of prostate in men are the following:

  • Hormonal disorders — there is a theory that the increased production of testosterone.
  • Adverse effect on the prostate tissue, which is an interest in growth and inflammation. No less dangerous, a these hormones can be dangerous, which relaxes the urinary function.
  • Immune system status, when the test works, the "limit" to the reduced protective functions. He is not able to resist bacteria, viruses, which penetrate from the outside, or can't cope with the relapse of chronic processes.
  • Passive words sexual life of a connection to irregular intimate suffers from stagnation, to a yet inflammation.
  • Incorrectly chosen tactics of the sexual contact — it's no secret that many pairs, mint contraceptive method practiced coitus interruptus. Represent, but don't kill that completely obstruct the flow of sperm. In addition, as a result, a PRIEST is violated, a mechanism of the outflow and the blood is going on an active pelvic organs and help maintain the erection.
  • Seating words lead to stagnation.
  • Urethral reflux occurs, a background, a bacterial lesions of the urethra. Violations of the mechanism, a back flow of urine, will be part of the way a happening is a bacterial infection of the prostate.
  • Violation of the diet — if you don't have a diet of unhealthy food, predominantly a lack of animal fat, protein, fiber, affects the hormonal balance, the high bowel function.
  • Excessive exercise, particularly with the use of steroid drugs.
  • Hypothermia — leads to decreased immunity and development of pathogenic flora.
the difference is that the sick and the healthy prostate

Promiscuous — increase in sexual transmitted diseases. A sexually transmitted infection in men occur frequently hidden, while hitting the prostate tissue. According to the research, 78% of the inflammation they cause, directly or indirectly, or Trichomonas, chlamydia, garden ella, gonorrhea. The middle ages was a main reason for the prostatitis become sedentary, hypothermia, and irregular sexual life. It was during this period of acute process, a symptoms, which are not paying attention, start not timely treatment, has a potential that becomes chronic.

A Disease prostate

  1. Prostate inflammation of the prostate.
  2. Vesiculitis is a complication, the prostate gland, which is characterized by inflammation of a defining blisters.
  3. BPH – benign prostate.
  4. A cancer tumor.
  5. - Sarcoma of the prostate – they are a tumor that occurs most often in young men (50% – children up to 10 years! 25% of people 10 to 30 years from).
  6. The Stones prostate. Formed as a result of impaired kidney functions.
  7. system

  8. Fibrosis – a violation of urination.
  9. Abscess of the prostate – purulent processes, complications of an untreated infection.
  10. Tuberculosis of the prostate. A caused by the bacteria Bacillus, which, as we know, affects not only the lungs.

The symptoms of the disease

The names Just, ezek diseases can bring terror! Prostate disease in men, unfortunately, not uncommon today. Due Maybe it's the fact that the environment and lifestyle of today's youth. Anyway, any disease, avoid complications should be treated. Prostate exception, either. Characterized by the following symptoms:

  1. Cutting pain there is a lower during urination.
  2. Pain in a perineum, a scrotum.
  3. Deteriorated erection.
  4. Short sexual intercourse.
  5. A lack of spontaneous erection in the morning.

A "set" is a symptoms depends on a form, a disease prostate.

  1. Acute inflammation of the prostate. Caused by pathogenic bacteria – Escherichia coli, Klebsiella, enterococci, enterobacteriaceae against against and staphylococcus bacteria, which are filled with the intestinal flora. Getting through the rectum the prostate, they may cause inflammation.
  2. Chronic bacterial prostatitis. The main reason is that A – the same pathogenic bacteria as well as infections, sexually transmitted diseases – gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis. Symptoms of the chronic course of disease is often absent or mild.
  3. Chronic, non-bacterial prostatitis. The most common form. Usually the result of inflammation of the pelvic organs, and a poor heredity.
  4. analysis

  5. Symptom-free (asymptomatic) chronic form, which is also a suffering from prostate. In men, the treatment in this form, it is usually not necessary. However, an ounce of prevention, because there are no prostate cancer symptoms. So if people are sick of this form each year need blood tumor markers. Also welcomed the regular visits to a specialist, and ultrasound diagnostics. The only way to prevent the negative consequences of a prostate.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia the prostate gland enlarged glands due to abnormal proliferation of para urethra of glands. This is often a disease of men is formed, who, more than half (60%). A main reason is that the level of reduced sex hormones with age. Sometimes the disease attacks the representatives of the stronger as a Prime minister (30-40 years). Timely diagnosis and treatment of prostatitis, every chance for a healthy, full life. So, if you are going to be enlarged prostate a symptoms in men may include the following:

  • A weak stream due to violation of the outflow of urine.
  • Frequent urination to the toilet, especially at night.
  • Disorder of muscle tone of the bladder.
  • Urination requires ember some effort.
  • A stream is slow, sometimes interrupted in the process.
  • A feeling of a difficulty, and incomplete emptying.
  • Incontinence of urine during sudden movements (laughing, coughing).
  • The urinary bladder due to disease of the kidney the stones are formed.


Inflammation of the prostate, in men the symptoms are not always expressed. As a result, the disease is acute, then went to the running section. Can appear mental disorders, apathy, irritation. The people suffer a complete reduction of the functions of the bladder. Emptying does not occur, if it occurs rarely, or in the form of droplets. A developing end-stage renal failure. If this time does not help the patient, he may die. If not timely diagnosis and treatment of this organ -a consequences are very sad. Depending on which was in the form of prostate inflammation observed in the men's, various complications.

  1. The consequences of acute prostatitis (bacterial) abscess (purulent lesions). Symptoms – fever, fever. Swelling of the glands leads to a complete cessation of urination. In the future, an abscess can lead to sepsis.
  2. An effect of the chronic prostatitis (bacterial) – decreased libido, painful ejaculation, hard erection. Furthermore, a disease the cause of vesiculitis, orchitis (inflammation of the testicles), epididymitis.
  3. The consequences of non-bacterial prostatitis lead to impotence. If you don't know a whole cross sexual life.
  4. Consequences of asymptomatic prostate cancer. Asymptomatic inflammation of the prostate gland which sometimes is a tart for years, develop a tumour. To diagnose the cancer at an early stage difficult. Therefore, the prevention of "words" disease, it is advisable to have the annual blood of a DOG.

healthy eating

Some forms of the prostate in the absence of timely intervention may lead to:

  • a multiplex prostate;
  • the formation of stones in the bladder;
  • infertility;
  • the formation of cysts, adenoma.

They are Therefore important to monitor the health, and the slightest indisposition to go to the doctor. Prostate gland adenoma is one of the most common diseases in elderly men (90% of the patients, the people who are more than eighty). The hazard of a disease due to complications.

  1. Urinary tract infections – cystitis, pyelonephritis, urethritis, prostatitis. The inflammation in stagnation of urine which is a favorable background for bacteria.
  2. Acute painful urinary retention. May occur if alcohol abuse or as a reaction to drugs (after surgery).
  3. The formation of stones in the bladder. This is because the stagnation of the urine.
  4. Renal failure. Looks like an advanced stage of an adenoma, can cause death of the patient.
  5. Hematuria – blood in urine.

To avoid complications, you need time to contact a step to experts, the treatment of the disease. In the early stages of the disease using antibiotic treatment. A second, a third treatment is carried out surgically. Noted should be that a operation consequences:

  • bleeding;
  • infectious-inflammatory processes;
  • a deterioration of quality of sexual life.


The prostate gland in men, symptoms, treatment

Given A topic, most people. Maybe if you follow the preventive measures against the disease, the number of patients significantly decreased. If you start to falter prostate in men, the symptoms first virtually absent or weak expression. Because of this service, prostate almost immediately goes into the category of chronic diseases. If we take into account the signs of a disease, then it can be divided into several categories:

  • a pain syndrome begins with the appearance of the pain, burning sensation in the scrotum;
  • dysuric effects cause problems with urination;
  • sexual dysfunction leads to a functioning of the sexual organs.

Background A process, a slow inflammation may cause fever, then you feel:

  • high temperature;
  • severe pain in the perineum or the scrotum;
  • difficulty urinating, pain;
  • frequent urination in a toilet in the absence of urine;
  • the prostate begins to increase in size;
  • in rare cases, you have to urinate.

Prevention of the disease

Side effects temporary after complete healing disappear. The prostate in men, becomes inflamed, as the ovaries are often only women. Every type of cancer most common in men – prostate cancer. A tumor occurs in 10% of patients, in fact, the trend is an interest in growth. Exactly for the reason that the formation of a tumor difficult. Most often affects men who have a predisposition to a cancer (family matters).


Precedes the appearance of a tumor, it may be that long-term inflammatory processes, without success. The only thing that is still supportive therapy. Therefore, doctors suggest that on a regular basis to a DOG's blood test. The only way to diagnose pre-cancer changes of the prostate tissue. The best not only in the prevention of prostate diseases or any other diseases, a healthy lifestyle.

A beneficial effect:

  • A tall, balanced diet.
  • Exercise, playing sports – running, swimming, walking.
  • Medications, procedures, to strengthen the immune system.
  • The regular sexual life.
  • The rejection of bad habits.
  • It is impossible to prevent hypothermia.