Sex when you have prostatitis: is it okay to have sex when you have prostatitis?

The prostate gland is known as the "second heart" of a man, because it is the prostate gland that contributes to the maintenance of erectile function and the synthesis of testosterone - the main male hormone production. Inflammatory organ damage is diagnosed in every 1 in 10 men, and most patients don't know the exact answer whether it's possible to have sex with prostatitis and how close it is. for the course of the disease.

Urologists say: prolonged abstinence leads to blood stagnation in the prostate gland, making the condition worse and turning into a chronic one. However, it is impossible to definitively answer whether sex with prostatitis is helpful - it all depends on the stage of the disease and the individual characteristics of the patient. We will address this in more detail below.

sex with prostatitis

What is prostatic disease

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland, when the organ increases in size and sometimes hyperplasia. The disease develops as a result of age-related changes and in combination with the following factors:

  • Inguinal hypothermia - hypothermia of the genitals;
  • Hormonal imbalance;
  • Abuse of bad habits;
  • Impact of stress.
normal and inflamed prostate

The first symptoms of the disease are severe pain when urinating, an enlarged prostate gland due to an irregular sex life, manifested by the following features:

  • Lack of persistent erection;
  • Frequent urination;
  • Prolonged nocturnal erections;
  • Accelerate ejaculation;
  • Reduced performance, increased fatigue;
  • Reduced sex drive.

In the absence of pathology, blood rushes to the penis, as a result of which the organ is irritated. A man sees a woman, an attraction wakes up. The affected prostate gland increases with the penis, giving the patient discomfort and pain, as a result, the ability to get an erection is reduced, and sexual intercourse is not possible.

Intimate life and prostatitis

All men after the age of 30 are at risk for prostatitis. Prostatitis is an unpleasant diagnosis, the lack of treatment will cause chronic pain of a spasmodic nature in the lower abdomen, increased values below the navel, chills, decreased erection, adenomasThe prostate is a benign tumor.

Opinions about prostatitis are divided into two camps, not only patients with the disease but even doctors express their opinions. Some respondents believe that sex is necessary in case of illness - to maintain male functions, on the contrary, others believe that sex interferes with normal functioning of men. affected organs.

References! The excretory organs produce the fluid necessary for a complete intercourse. When there is no regular intimate relationship, prostate dysfunction occurs.

prostatitis sex

Prostatitis therapy includes massage. However, not all patients are patient enough and regularly massage their organs. Sex implies a kind of massage therapy: during the final stages of sex, the pelvic muscles and glands contract.

With ejaculation (ejaculation), there is an increased secretion of prostate secretion, so sex is beneficial. But of course the disease differs in two categories:

  1. Sharp;
  2. Chronic.

Each form of pathology has important nuances to consider when making recommendations and prescribing.

Sex with acute prostatitis

Sexuality and exacerbation of disease are dissimilar concepts. The patient feels all the signs of the disease:

  • Pain in the abdomen;
  • Difficulty urinating or frequent urination;
  • Painful feeling when urinating;
  • Burning sensation in the perineum and urethra;
  • The increase in temperature indicators;
  • General unrest.
Symptoms of Prostatitis in Men

This condition does not relieve the intimacy, the erectile function of the man will decrease. Furthermore, if prostatitis is triggered by an STI, there is an increased risk of exposing your partner to sexually transmitted diseases. In addition to treating prostatitis, a man also needs to be cured of the infection and engage in protected sex only.

With proper treatment, the acute course takes 3 to 5 days.

Sex with chronic prostatitis

With chronic prostatitis, male representatives do not feel painful symptoms, therefore sexual intercourse is necessary and acts on the prostate gland. In addition to actively having sex, do not forget about other medical treatments prescribed by your doctor.

Harm of intimate relationships

Attention! Doctors don't recommend polygamous sex - to avoid complications, stick with an intimate relationship with one partner.

In the absence of organ activity, function is lost. Abstinence from sex causes blood to stagnate in the pelvis, thereby causing the disease to recur. If at the time of treatment there is no permanent partner, doctors recommend masturbation. Masturbation has a massage effect, not deep, but it is better not to have sex at all - blockages in the pelvic organs are prevented.

abstaining from sex with bacterial prostatitis

Sometimes patients, after being diagnosed with the disease, begin to engage in promiscuous sex. It is better to organize sexual contacts: the frequent change of sexual partners threatens to conflict the microflora, which leads to relapse.

If you are diagnosed with bacterial prostatitis, sex should be limited. Sex life aggravates symptoms and causes the spread of bacteria to the urinary organs - kidneys and bladder. During ejaculation, pathogenic microorganisms, passing through the urethra, affect the urinary system.

Prior to having sex for acute bacterial prostatitis, antibiotic treatment should be initiated first. It is advisable to start sex life after healing - to avoid complicated conditions.

Importance of sex in prostatitis

When the prostate is inflamed, it is necessary to make love because the blood rushes in and the organ contracts strongly. In the process of intimacy, the decomposition processes that form during the inflammatory process are emitted. When intercourse is completed, the toxin enters the bile of the prostate gland and is excreted with it.

Studies have shown that 50% of men surveyed have erectile dysfunction during their illness, and 25% of men experience a decrease in libido. Nearly 90% of respondents, at diagnosis, had less sex, and more than half of relationships with women deteriorated or ended altogether.

In such situations, it is advisable to use special means to increase libido.

The importance of sex with prostatitis

Effects of disease on semen

Prostatitis adversely affects male reproductive function. Sperm quality declines should sometimes be diagnosed infertility and impotence due to prostate damage. Decreased attractiveness to a woman is due to a decrease in the synthesis of androgens - hormones responsible for maintaining male functions.

The prostate gland is responsible for the production of sperm. However, in case of organitis, the production of ejaculation is reduced, and in the case of complications, aspermia is observed - the absence of spermatozoa. Patients have difficulty reaching orgasm. Patients often complain of weak ejaculation, in some cases, ejaculate does not ejaculate but flows and has a discharge that makes the partner feel uncomfortable, burning, painful.

Sperm thickens. Infertility is characterized by a decrease in sperm count.

Note! Usually, men notice changes in semen as it changes color or consistency.


If a man has prostatitis, it is important to have sex with a condom until he is completely cured. When prostatitis, the patient's immunity decreases. Interactions with the microbiome of others can aggravate the condition. With a decline in the protective functions of the body, conditionally pathogenic flora enters the urethra and then the prostate gland.

protect the prostate

Oral sex also means it's safe, as there is a buildup of harmful bacteria and microorganisms in the oral cavity. Pathogenic bacteria are safe for a healthy person, but they are dangerous for an immunocompromised patient.

With prostatitis, you can engage in any form of sex, right up to anal sex. However, in the acute period should abstain - avoid aggravation of the disease.

Having sex after treatment

A gynecological disease that requires mandatory treatment. Treatment measures depend on the severity of the disease, the general condition of the patient. Doctors offer a variety of ways - from ineffective to radical treatment - through surgery.

References! Without treatment, 90% of cases will progress to nephritis and the formation of stones in the urinary organs, and the risk of prostate cancer and prostate cancer also increases.

In advanced cases, the urologist prepares the patient for surgery, after which complications occur rarely - in only 10% of cases, and rehabilitation is easy. After surgery, the patient should adhere to the following rules of intimacy:

  1. Only allowed to return to intimate life after 3-4 months;
  2. During the acclimatization phase, it is important to exclude physical overactivity;
  3. The establishment of the urinary process is facilitated by sessions of herbal medicine.
sex after prostatitis treatment điều

Early sexual intercourse after surgery carries a risk of psychosis and potency - against psychological background.

Sex after surgery is characterized by not pushing semen out, erection ability is gradually improved. It is important for a man to have a trusting relationship with his partner, to avoid stressful situations, and it is important for a woman to provide reliable support to her partner, becauseBecause men without a prostate gland can feel self-conscious.

Genital rehabilitation depends on surgical technique:

  • Prostatectomy - complete or partial removal of the prostate gland. An intimate life is recommended 30 days after surgery. After surgery, conception will not take place - sperm is thrown into the ureter.
  • Cavernous prostatectomy is a rare surgical procedure, most of the prostate gland is removed laparoscopically. But at an advanced stage, this technique is being worked on. Allow sex after a month and a half to two months - due to the high risk of postoperative complications.
  • Laser prostatectomy is a minimally invasive technique that allows you to start having sex a few weeks after surgery, depending on the patient's state of health.

If a man shows signs of impotence before surgery, it is not possible to restore potency after surgery.

Prostatitis surgery


The most important prostatitis prevention measure is regular sex. Having sex with prostatitis has the following positive effects:

  1. Unpleasant, unpleasant sensations do not bring pleasure, but orgasm has a beneficial effect on male strength, aids in healing and eliminates pain. If a man is concerned about pain, doctors recommend taking an anesthetic an hour and a half before intercourse.
  2. When diagnosing acute bacterial prostatitis, massage is contraindicated, but no one cancels sexual intercourse - make love more often to stimulate blood circulation, but do not forget about contraception -condom.
  3. Having sex, it will be possible to completely get rid of the stagnation process in the pelvic organs.

References! According to statistics, in men who have sex regularly and make love at least twice a week, the prostate gland is less inflamed.

The most effective treatment for prostatitis is sexual activity. Proximity promotes blood flow to the pelvic organs, including the prostate, prevents blockages, and has beneficial effects on overall health. If a man suffers from dysfunction of the genitals, it is advisable to visit a urologist at the first appearance of symptoms to avoid complications. The doctor will make the necessary recommendations and prescribe treatment.

Prostatitis prevention-sexual activity

Basic rules for sex:

  1. Do not neglect intimacy, but do not have sex too often - the frequency of sexual pleasure should be no less than twice a week;
  2. It is important that sex is complete - complete with ejaculation;
  3. If during the procedure there is pain and burning, you should limit sex until the symptoms of burning pain are completely gone.
  4. In therapeutic interventions, it is better to use condoms - to avoid conflict of microflora and transmission of STIs.