It's all about having sex with prostatitis: when you can and when you can't

In the article we will tell you whether sex helps to cure prostatitis, under what circumstances it really helps,sex with prostatitisand when it canaggravates inflammation. When preparing materials, we drew on the opinions of practicing doctors.

How sex cures prostatitis

Prostatitis is maintained mainly because infectious foci form in secretions that accumulate in ducts. The more often they are cleaned, the lower the concentration of pathogens in the prostate gland. That is why urologists prescribe prostate massage to their patients as an integral element of prostatitis therapy.

Having sex helps to cure prostatitis: The natural contraction of the gland during orgasm clears the ducts much more efficiently than prostate massage. Another advantage is that it increases blood flow in the pelvic region and improves metabolism in the tissues of the prostate gland.

How often should you have sex? Lack of sex will impair treatment effectiveness and too much will aggravate symptoms. In the second case, the muscles of the prostate "fatigue" and develop atony. The optimal frequency of sexual intercourse should be determined by a man, depending on his sexual composition. The main condition is the presence of desires, emotions, and physicality from the very process. There is no need to turn sex into a mechanical procedure. The average number of sexual intercourse for adult men is 2-3 times / week.

Is it possible to cure prostatitis with sexual intercourse: a stagnant form is possible, but only with the help of drugs to eliminate the accompanying inflammation. With frequent contractions, the soft gland tightens, so will the duct muscles. They will shrink better and be erased more completely. The ideal treatment for congestive prostatitis is a combination of active sex and exercise to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

Can prostatitis have sex?

The likelihood of having sex with prostatitis depends on the form in which the disease progresses. In acute inflammation, intercourse is canceled for two reasons: severe pain and the risk of spreading the infection along the active bloodstream to other organs of the genitourinary system. High concentrations of the pathogen, along with prostate fluid, pass through the urethra, which can cause urethritis, balanitis and cholecystitis. In the urethra, infected fluid easily flows up into the bladder and causes cystitis.

There are cases when having sex exacerbations of prostatitis (not accompanied by abscesses and fever) the condition goes into remission, but men often experience severe pain during ejaculation, which does not go away. for hours. Also, urinating becomes difficult due to swelling.

Oral sex without a condom with prostatitis is undesirable, as bacteria will enter the mucous membrane of your partner's throat. From there, staph and other plants that cause urinary tract diseases can easily penetrate the male urethra. The same goes for anal sex. This is how most men suffer from chronic prostatitis caused by E. coli.

Having sex with bacterial and non-bacterial prostatitis

Most doctors agree that non-bacterial prostatitis does not exist. Inflammation has to be aided by something. Prostatitis is often referred to as bacterial in the case where the pathogen cannot be identified, but this does not mean there is no pathogen. The infection may be enveloped in the prostate gland, so it does not enter the biological fluid and does not appear during the analysis. At the time of ejaculation, such a seminal sac can rupture and pathogens will enter the semen, after a few days the partner will feel a discomfort in the genitals. For this reason, doctors recommend only having sex with any form of prostatitis in a condom.

Under what circumstances do not want to have sex with prostatitis:

  1. To relieve pain and urinary disorders, so as not to cause exacerbations.
  2. In the case of an infection caused by excessive sex - frequent ejaculation causes infection.
  3. During the treatment of an active infection, so as not to spread throughout the body.

Safety Checklist

Safe sex for prostatitis:

  • Condoms are required for all contact types.
  • Do not exercise for a long time or a break. Delaying ejaculation naturally causes a feeling of fullness and pain in the prostate gland. In some men, they disappear in an hour or two, in others they persist for a few days.
  • Do not abuse sex.
  • Do not have sex while you are intoxicated. The feeling of lethargy will lead to increased sex, prolonged prostate tension can lead to more serious inflammation.
  • Partner continuously. During regular sex, the microflora of men and women adapt to each other, and immunity is developed. Even when having protected sex, germs can still enter the body with saliva, contact with genitals, so indiscriminate sex will increase the risk of an exacerbation of the disease. prostatitis. In the chronic form, the cellular immunity of the gland is impaired, even a small group of pathogens cause inflammation.
  • Masturbating with prostatitis will not replace normal sex and, if abused, even harmful.

Note that despite the fact that while masturbation the ejaculate and the ducts are clear, the man does not move - the blood accumulates locally, does not drain off on ejaculation, due tothat is stagnant (obstructive).

It is also not advisable to masturbate as a precaution either. From prolonged abstinence, if there is no need for sexual anguish then there will be no harm. If there is a need, it is necessary to satisfy with masturbation, but not more than 3 times / week. The best way to prevent stagnation is regular physical activity and a balanced diet.

If a serious condition occurs after having sex

If after ejaculation, the pain is severe and urinating more, you can take something from the group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: "ibuprofen" and others to reduce swelling caused by inflammation. If the condition does not stabilize within 1-2 hours, you should consult a doctor.


Things to remember:

  1. Sex is a good cure for prostatitis, but it should be of a high quality and desirable.
  2. Everything is moderately good. Excessive ejaculation will fatigue the glands and make the condition worse.
  3. Masturbation is no substitute for complete sex and is not prostate exercise. You can only satisfy yourself without a partner and as long as you have a natural sexual desire.
  4. In the treatment of acute prostatitis, sexual intercourse is not recommended.