Exercises for prostatitis: gymnastics, performance features, efficacy, reviews

Man with prostatitis exercise in a gym

Prostatitis is a very dangerous disease, often with many different complications, easier to prevent than cure. According to the doctors, you can reduce your risk of developing inflammatory prostate lesions if you follow a healthy lifestyle, give up any bad habits, eat in moderation and exercise. What exercises should people with prostatitis should do to quickly defeat this dangerous disease and never to get sick again?

The impact of physical activity on disease

There are many causes of disease development, but most of it is due to pelvic stagnation. Therapeutic gymnastics is aimed at eliminating them and normalizing the work of internal organs.

Some prostatitis exercises stimulate the body to release the following hormones:

  1. Testosterone - affects potency.
  2. Endorphins - decrease in the manifestation of pain caused by external stimuli.
  3. Adrenaline - improves blood circulation.

Evaluation of reviews, a set of exercises can significantly improve the work of internal organs, so the process of healing with therapeutic drugs of pathology almost doubled. In addition, physiotherapy normalizes metabolic processes and prevents the development of stagnation in the prostate gland.

Therapeutic exercises for early prostatitis

The medical condition can be either chronic or acute. In the first case, clinical manifestations are, as a rule, absent, and in the second case, pronounced symptoms are almost always observed. Exercises to treat prostatitis for men can significantly improve the patient's health. The most effective is the Kegel technique. It is based on imperative urination to stop. To do this, you need to try to stretch and weaken the muscles of the anus, pubic bone, and coccyx. Regularly performing this procedure improves the functioning of the reproductive system, increases erectile function, and eliminates the blockage.

Exercise for prostatitis

Complex of treatments for acute prostatitis

Nowadays in medicine, many different exercises have been developed for severe prostatitis. The easiest is the short race walk. During such walking, you will improve blood circulation in the internal organs of the pelvic region and your metabolism. But this can only be done if the man is not feeling well.

The Chinese qigong breathing exercises are also very effective. It is good because all the organs are involved in the exercise. Fill your lungs with air, hold your breath for ten seconds, then exhale hard, squeezing your stomach as much as possible.

Treatment of chronic prostatitis

Let's take a closer look at this. Prevention of prostatitis in men (exercises that can be performed while sitting, lying down or standing) is very important, since during the period of remission the pathology can periodically recur and physical activityallows you to minimize this.

Stand up gymnastics:

  1. Stand on one leg and move the other leg forward and back, trying to raise it as high as possible. The number of swipes can vary from 40 to 100 times.
  2. By leaning to the sides, you can improve blood circulation to the internal organs of the small pelvis.
  3. Squat helps to reduce prostatitis. In this case, try to stretch your knees in different directions. In one approach, seven times is enough.

Exercise for prostatitis while sitting:

  1. Butt walking. Hold your posture on the floor so that your torso is perpendicular to your legs. The spine should be straight. By exercising regularly, you can strengthen your groin muscles.
  2. Sit on the floor with your lower limbs apart, gradually increasing the angle between them. The load should be gradually increased so that the ligaments are not stretched.

Therapeutic exercise pose:

  1. Lie on your stomach and try to lift your legs as high as possible. Do the exercise three times in several ways.
  2. "Bridge". When a person is standing on top of it, he uses the muscles of his lower back, pelvis, and anus.
  3. Lie on your back comfortably, raise your lower limbs and cross them at an angle of 45-90 degrees. If you experience severe pain at the same time, try tummy exercises.

Prostate exercises to prevent prostatitis is one of the best. At the same time, they are very versatile, as they can be done even at home without the need for specialized equipment or simulations.



So how does it affect prostatitis treatment? Many experienced doctors practice exercises for prostatitis and adenoma, borrowed from Indian medicine. They allow you to increase potency, increase blood flow to internal organs and improve a person's mental state. In addition, some of them contribute to the normalization of the cardiovascular system.

Example: "Aries" posture improves blood circulation in internal organs. She suggested that a person raise their lower limbs as they exhale, then lift them up after the head for a few seconds. In this case, it is very important to monitor your breathing, trying to keep it steady.

The Lotus Flavor is also great for treating prostatitis. However, the exercise is so difficult that you cannot complete it yourself without the help of an editor. To avoid injury, warm up your muscles first by doing a few squats. Next, you are in a sitting position with your legs crossed so that the foot is between the thigh and calf. In this position, you must sit for at least five minutes.

Healing exercise with sports equipment

What makes it special? The prostatitis prevention exercises, performed with a regular ball, have proven to be excellent. Anyone would do it - for tennis, soccer, and so on. Using these available tools, you can perform an independent prostate massage, similar to what is done in professional offices. Sit on the ball and roll it along your crotch. In order not to put pressure on your internal organs, you need to rest your hands on the floor.

To combat stagnant processes, a sports device is sandwiched between the knees and put as much pressure as possible on it. This exercise helps strengthen the muscles in the inner thighs and buttocks.

If you have a suitable sphere, then by performing rotational movements of the pelvis on it, you can effectively treat prostatitis, which occurs in a chronic form. In this case, the leg should be bent at the knee at an angle of 90 degrees.

General tips and tricks

Exercises to treat prostatitis for men can be done both at home and at the gym. It is very important that athletic activity is comprehensive. At home, you can do the basic techniques and engage in swimming, walking, and jogging in short distances. Additionally, experts recommend performing regular exercises in the morning to strengthen different muscle groups and overall health.

Exercise to circulate blood to the internal organs of the pelvis

Be physically active at home

To speed up the healing process and restore normal prostate function, you need to perform special exercises against prostatitis every morning.

There are quite a few, but the following are considered the best:

  1. Stand upright and bring both feet together. Next, squeeze the glutes for a few seconds and relax as you exhale. Repeat the process 10-15 times. If you feel the warmth radiating in the lower abdomen, everything is done correctly.
  2. Starting position is the same as above, just this time the legs are slightly apart. Squat, draw air into your lungs, and return to baseline as you exhale. The foot should be firmly attached to the floor. To increase the effectiveness of the exercise, stretch your glutes along the way. Squats need to do 10-15 reps.
  3. Lie on your stomach with your arms crossed behind your head. Slowly raise the lower limbs, at the same time extending to the sides. It is important to keep your breathing rate even during exercise.

Prostate exercises to prevent inflammation should be started with small, incremental mass steps. Without preparation, strenuous exercise will do more harm than good.

Go to exercise

Many people, especially fitness enthusiasts, enjoy exercising for prostatitis at a gym or specialist center. They are equipped with all the equipment needed to be physically active. Workout on the simulator, you can work out simultaneously on all muscle groups or on individual regions.

Doctors recommend combining simulated exercise with lunge, deadlifts, squats with sports equipment, and step lift when treating prostatitis with physiotherapy. When doing them, your legs should be shoulder-width and your back should be in a completely flat position. Next, step by step step forward with a squat position so that your knees touch the floor.

Yoga asana cures prostatitis

Other treatments for prostatitis

What else could have a positive effect on healing? For the treatment of inflammatory processes in the prostate gland, in addition to drug therapy, it is not only therapeutic exercises and massage.

The following methods are also very common in combating pathology:

  1. Do yoga. It has been discussed earlier. In this technique there are a large number of exercises, during the exercise there is a physical impact on the internal organs, thus a healing effect is achieved.
  2. "Triangle". Be in a standing position with your legs spread to the sides as far as possible. Arms shoulder-width apart. Next, you should lean forward, keep your back straight, and try to reach your feet with your fingers. In this case, the body weight is rotated from one leg to the other.
  3. The Kegel system. This is a complex of exercises aimed at strengthening the prostate and bladder muscles.

These are just a few of the known prostatitis treatments. You can learn more about them with the consultation of a specialist.

Man with prostatitis practicing yoga


Exercise remedy is probably the most effective method used to treat and prevent prostatitis. But to achieve the greatest effect, it should be combined with a healthy lifestyle, quality rest and proper nutrition. Only one integrated approach will allow you to forget about the pathology permanently.