Which drug is more inexpensive and effective for the treatment of prostatitis - list

Fast acting drug for prostatitis

When you have the first symptoms of prostatitis, you should choose the most effective treatment for prostatitis to reduce the likelihood of complications.

What is prostatitis

For the treatment of prostatitis, many drugs have been invented in many different forms, convenient to carry at home and at work, without interrupting treatment even for secondsslice.

Prostatitis usually affects men but is increasingly younger. Previously, only people over forty years old had prostatitis, now sedentary lifestyle has reduced the age of the patient to 25 years old.

Disease is an inflammatory process of the tissues of the prostate gland, it can change from an acute form to a chronic form.

Acute severity will have more severe symptoms than chronic asymptomatic prostatitis. The main signs of prostatitis are:

  • acute pain in the groin area;
  • discomfort in the perineum and scrotum;
  • pain in the lower back;
  • painful urination, like labor;
  • decreased urine flow and its potential for disruption;
  • feeling full of bladder;
  • is ​​constantly wanting to urinate;
  • decreased erectile function;
  • reduces a man's libido.

How to choose an anti-prostatitis drug

A drug appropriately selected for the inflammatory process will help reduce complications and problems that can occur during treatment in men, as the disease later develops into prostate tumors.

An abundance of quick acting drugs and their forms allow you to heal quickly and effectively at any stage without any problems of complications and effects. extra.

To get better as soon as possible, you should use a complex and individually selected therapy. When choosing an effective treatment for prostatitis, experts recommend that you pay attention:

  • the age of a particular patient;
  • the degree of development of the inflammatory process;
  • additional diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • existing allergic reactions and body characteristics;
  • contraindicated for use.

A fast acting drug not only needs to be addressed to eliminate the main symptoms of the disease, but also to help stabilize the psychological background. It is important to understand that patients with acute pain, discomfort and sexual function problems should feel insecure, often aggressive, irritable, and anxious about their future.

If you choose the right medication for the treatment of prostatitis in men, it will quickly get rid of the discomfort and restore reproductive function, overcoming allergic reactions and side effects.

Medicines used

The most effective and effective natural cure for prostatitis doesn't exist. There is no one professional doctor in the world who will advise a quick, effective universal treatment, since its selection is entirely individual.

Any urologist will provide men with an incredibly rich list of the most inexpensive but effective prostate gland medicines, distributed according to form and condition. sick. For more effective treatment, a combination of all drugs should be used in order not to switch to chronic prostatitis and to minimize unpleasant symptoms.

All drugs for the treatment of inflammatory processes in the prostate gland are divided into the following groups:

  • antibacterial- means important to people with a settled virus or organism, resulting in an acute transformation of the disease; high-quality antibiotics can only be of benefit if pathogenic flora is found in the bile of the prostate gland; For therapy to be effective, the course of treatment must be as long as possible and at least one month;
  • alpha blocker- an inexpensive male drug that can actually quickly normalize urination by dilating the walls of the urinary tract; can reduce sphincter spasm, establish the correct flow of urine and semen, normalize pressure on the bladder and reduce the number of urination per day;
  • muscle relaxants- drugs that are similar to previous ones, but their main effect is to stimulate the pelvic muscles; they are relatively inexpensive and effective in reducing muscle tone, while reducing pressure on the pelvic organs and reducing pain;
  • analgesic tablets- are only short-term analgesic in the lower abdomen and groin;
  • probiotics- drugs for prostatitis are not expensive, but effective if used continuously for a long time, since phytopreparation tends to accumulate in the body and onlythen give the necessary therapeutic effect; The list includes pills based on plant ingredients (pumpkin seeds, sabal and vines), purely positive reviews; they have the ability to reduce swelling of the prostate gland and perineum, remove excess fluid from the body as quickly as possible;
  • sedative type- designed for situations when problems arise not only physically but also about psychological state; taking medication to help reduce your risk of depression and stress; the problem often involves men having difficulty accepting sexual inferiority, which causes unjustified misunderstanding, fear, and anger toward others;
  • specially selected complex of vitamin products- high quality and affordable vitamins that can significantly increase immunity and strengthen musclescan support pain treatment.

Rules for drug selection

Cannot find a fast-acting, inexpensive drug for prostatitis, practically no side effects and contraindications, but from a number of essential drugs, it is possible to prepare a complexcan help solve the problem effectively.

The remedies are properly selected for the chronic development of prostatitis if prescribed by a professional urologist who is knowledgeable about the disease course of each patient.

You will have to take prescription medication every day for a long time to get lasting results. In order for a drug on the list to be beneficial, it must be chosen depending on:

  • general patient condition;
  • analytical results were carried out in a laboratory;
  • stage of the disease.

Only a urologist has to choose a medication, as self-medication can lead to choosing an affordable drug, that is:

  • affects the gastrointestinal tract;
  • destabilizes the immune system;
  • causes an allergic reaction;
  • causes a skin rash;
  • promotes the appearance of benign or malignant tumors in the area of ​​the prostate gland.

Certain medications can relieve major symptoms, but do not eliminate common problems; According to many reviews on social media, they also cause a dependence on a particular expensive drug.

Types of drugs for prostatitis

The list of drugs to treat prostatitis that will be required during treatment can be quite extensive.

Usually people distinguish between drugs such as:

  • drops- the drug is injected directly into the urethra and begins to act almost immediately, but will not be able to control itself;
  • injections- can quickly activate the activity of the vascular and immune systems, they are introduced into the body in the form of injections, so that they quickly penetrate the systemsaffected;
  • viral douching- the most controversial in the opinion of the world's doctors, because they do not understand whether they are homeopathic, medicinal or folk methods; they are often used for prevention rather than for effective treatment;
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs- drugs that can reduce the level of the inflammatory process and increase the body's ability to fight disease;
  • rectal suppositories- means not only can anesthetize the perineum and genital area, but also rapidly stimulate metabolism;
  • the classic pill- the drug should be used to reduce bacterial activity, but only after the tests have passed and the correct list of bacteria that will have to killis set.

Don't think that you will have to take the same drug all the time, as their list varies with case effectiveness and patient feedback.

In the event that a drug causes an allergic reaction or is proven to be ineffective, the urologist will prescribe additional tests or diagnostic studies to change the drug to the more effective one.

Certain medicines for prostatitis

To find a high-quality medication that will help eliminate the symptoms and complications of prostatitis, you should contact your urologist for a prescription.

For the effective treatment of prostatitis, one should adopt traditional drug treatments, as traditional methods and self-medication can only aggravate the course of the disease. .

In this case, the underlying disease can lead to the degeneration of the inflammatory process in the prostate gland to a prostate adenoma or cancer.