Can men have acute and chronic prostatitis be treated?

Every man in the face of prostatitis raises the question of whether prostatitis can be treated. Only a qualified expert can give an exact answer. The reliability of the prognosis of immediate recovery depends on the adequacy of the diagnosis, the timeliness of the patient to see the doctor and the initiation of the course of treatment. The most difficult thing for men is to cope with the chronic course of prostatitis, as it tends to worsen periodically when there are favorable factors that cause the condition.

Is there treatment for acute prostatitis?

Can chronic prostatitis be cured

Appropriate drug therapy for diseases offers the chance of full recovery.

Treatment for acute prostatitis is successful if a man seeks a doctor immediately after the first symptoms of the disease appear. To complete the course prescribed by the doctor, the possibility of complete cure is high.

There are effective ways to fight this disease. Complications and transition of prostatitis to a chronic form may occur if treatment is not started promptly, as well as the patient does not follow the instructions of a specialist. Prostatitis can be cured if you don't let the disease go its way.

Prostatitis manifests itself in an acute form if an infectious agent enters the prostate gland.

Many people want to know if bacterial prostatitis can be cured. Only proper treatment and full diagnosis is needed to really cure the disease. Antibacterial drugs help fight disease. Their treatment is necessarily complementary with other drugs aimed at stopping the inflammatory process and eliminating pain. If the man's condition improves, then the specialist will prescribe physical therapy for him.

Treatment of acute prostatitis does not take too long. It usually takes 2 weeks to 2 months to heal. After defeating the disease, it is necessary to take medicines that improve the functioning of the representative glands.

The question of whether bacterial prostatitis can be completely cured is not of interest to people with this disease for a reason. Knowing the answer, they better understand that in the absence of timely detection of the pathology and inadequate treatment, the patient may experience complications, such as impotence or infertility.

Is chronic prostatitis treated?

If disease progression is allowed, the likelihood of a successful cure will be greatly reduced.

This disease can go into remission long term. The patient feels much better during this period. This is because symptoms of prostatitis do not appear during remission. In order to avoid possible complications and the transition of the disease to the active stage, it is sufficient to strictly follow the instructions of the urologist.

The disease is actively developing with improper treatment or failure to follow the rules of medication prescribed by a specialist to rule out signs of acute prostatitis. One possible cause of the disease may be malfunctioning pelvic organs. Whether or not the chronic form of this disease can be treated is uncertain. Depends heavily on the human body and current health condition. The ability to completely cure prostatitis will depend directly on the following indicators:

  • the age of a person;
  • stage of the disease;
  • severity of pathological symptoms.

The size of the prostate gland depends on the person's age. The older you get, the bigger the prostate gland becomes. This parameter depends on the change of hormones and maturation of the male body. Accordingly, the older it is, the harder it is for people to cope with the disease.

The main reason for the development of prostatitis is impaired pelvic blood circulation and poor lymph drainage. Such changes are observed due to an inactive lifestyle and excess weight.

Chronic prostatitis can be identified by the appearance of problems with the genitourinary system. There is a swelling of the prostate gland, the secretions from the penis are thicker. Such changes have extremely negative effects on prostate function. If the problem is not resolved, infertility will result. And the answer to the question of whether prostatitis can be treated or not depends on the stage of the disease and the time it is detected.

The development of chronic inflammation is quite long. It may take several years until noticeable symptoms start to appear. Chronic prostatitis, if detected in an early stage, will be much easier to cure.

In the case of late detection and improper treatment, the prostate gland will begin to have irreversible changes. Therefore, the drug no longer has the desired effect on the patient. Therefore, the doctors decided to intervene with surgery.

Methods of treatment

Chronic prostatitis in men is not treatable

The doctor chooses therapy on an individual basis, based on the symptoms of the pathology.

Prostatitis is treated with many methods of modern medicine. Doctors prescribe medicines to treat infections depending on a certain number of factors:

  • type of disease;
  • complications;
  • stages of pathological development;
  • specific characteristics of the human body.

Before prescribing treatment, the urologist should familiarize himself with the results of analysis and diagnosis with the patient's instrument. They allow him to accurately identify the disease and choose the right treatment regimen.

In the case of prostatitis, treatment is carried out inpatient and outpatient. His appointment is handled by a urologist. From there, patients can know if such infections are treated and what to do when prostatitis in men.


If treatment of prostatitis is started promptly, then the patient should be able to recover with medication. The most effective for this diagnosis is:

  1. Antibiotics.Drugs of this class are required if pathogenic microorganisms enter the prostate gland. Antibiotics help to cope with the bacteria and improve organ function.
  2. Alpha blockers.It helps to deal with muscle tissue over-tension, causing pain and spasm. The use of medicines of this group prescribed by your doctor will make it easier for you to urinate.
  3. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.They contribute to an effective treatment of the prostate gland. Products to help reduce inflammation and relieve pain.
  4. Rectal candles.Preparations in this dosage form have a positive effect on blood and lymph flow in the small pelvis. They also deal with inflammatory processes and pain syndromes, if they contain anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Treat the disease with the drugs listed that are suitable for acute prostatitis. Prescribing other drugs is also possible, if the patient has no contraindications to them.

It is advisable to choose a complex treatment for prostatitis, as it allows you to achieve a better effect than with monotherapy. It is necessary to combine tablets with rectal drugs to be able to influence the cause of the inflammatory process from different sides.

Folk remedies

treatment of chronic prostatitis with folk remedies

A unique treatment option will not treat prostatitis if it is used separately from medication. Therefore, it is best to use it in combination with medications.

The most useful folk remedies in the treatment of early stage prostatitis. They are also recommended for the prevention of prostatitis.

Folk remedies have a number of benefits. They are safe for human health, help normalize the work of the body and are suitable for use with medications.

Before using folk remedies, you should consult your doctor.

Beekeeping products are beneficial for the health of the prostate gland and the entire genitourinary system. They perform several functions at once:

  • kills pathogens;
  • removes inflammation;
  • reduces spasm;
  • reduces the severity of the pain;
  • restores normal blood supply.

In addition, you can use medicinal decoctions and infusions, distinguished by an anti-inflammatory effect. These include St. seaweed. John's, hay and chamomile.

Surgical treatment

Very few doctors recommend surgical treatment for prostatitis. This treatment has many bad consequences for the male body. You can only initiate a thorough treatment when absolutely necessary, if other methods do not help and is directly life-threatening.

During surgery, the gland may be completely or partially removed. The decision to stop it is made on the basis of male body examination. To improve men's condition after surgery, they will need several weeks to recover. Reviews of this kind of treatment are extremely disappointing. Although patients can achieve the desired results if they trust their health with a competent specialist.


Treatment options for chronic inflammatory diseases

Exercises help improve blood circulation in the pelvic region.

Treatment of prostatitis with beneficial physiotherapy. It is allowed to deal with it only if the exacerbation of the pathology is eliminated. The following procedures help to cope with the chronic course of prostatitis:

  • Electrophoresis.Improves prostate function.
  • Fitness.Useful for muscles and normalizes blood microcirculation.
  • Laser therapy.Helps vasodilate, effectively fight bacteria, regenerate cells, relieve pain, reduce swelling.
  • Magnetic therapy.Eliminates pain and reduces congestion in small pelvis.
  • Massage.Ensure correct traffic of secrets.

Should only carry out treatment procedures with the permission of the attending physician. Before conducting physical therapy, you need to be sure that the patient has no contraindications to it.

What if not treated

Lack of appropriate treatment for acute or chronic prostatitis leads to a number of serious complications. A patient with such a diagnosis has fatigue, an increase in overall body temperature and weakness. If the pathology continues to progress, then does not rule out the development of the purulent process.

Untimely treatment for chronic prostatitis can cause many complications, such as:

  • cystitis or pyelonephritis.
  • impotence or significant impairment of potency;
  • prostate sclerosis;
  • Hyperplasia
  • .

Important!If you don't start prostate treatment on time, the functioning of other internal organs may be affected.

At the first sign of illness, you should see a urologist. The man is interested in exactly following his instructions on how to proceed with the treatment.

Helpful Hints

How to cure chronic prostatitis in men

A well-regulated intimate life is an important step in preventing various forms of prostatitis.

Men should have a check-up at least once a year, as chronic prostatitis is usually not manifested by painful symptoms.

To prevent prostatitis, it is necessary to adhere to some recommendations:

  1. I need to play sports. Light physical activity is great for the whole body. In addition, they improve blood circulation in the prostate gland;
  2. You need to learn to eat properly. Consuming too much fatty and spicy food is detrimental to the work of this organ. Benefits provided by products containing vitamins, minerals and other valuable substances that help normalize the work of the body;
  3. Need to have an active sex life with a regular partner. For the genital system to function properly, you must have sex at least 2 times a week. It is not advisable to practice intermittent intercourse, as it leads to the appearance of stagnant processes.

When the first signs of prostatitis appear, men should see a urologist immediately. This is the only way to promptly diagnose the disease and start fighting it.