Medications for prostatitis: antibiotics, analgesics, and antispasmodics

drugs to treat prostatitis in men

Prostatitis pills are the primary and primary treatment for any form of this disease. They contribute to the fastest recovery of the patient and their range of action is geared towards each element of the disease's development.

The main thing to remember when choosing drugs for prostatitis is that they must be prescribed by a doctor. A qualified specialist will determine the treatment completely individually, taking into account the interaction of the prostatitis tablets with other drugs prescribed for men, havingto the side effects and the effect of the drug on the whole body.

Not only can prostate disease itself cause pain and psychological discomfort, but choosing the wrong drug can cause harm: allergies, impaired functionfertility or insufficient erection in men, is one of the symptoms of impotence.

Drugs for prostatitis are divided into the following main groups, while they are used in combination:

  • Antibacterial drugs.Is the first choice of doctors in the treatment of diseases, especially acute diseases. For the purpose of destroying pathogens, detected on the basis of laboratory analyzes of prostate secretion. They must freely penetrate the tissues of the prostate gland and cause a high concentration of the substance in it, so the course of antibiotics is at least 4 weeks; For severe pain, antibacterial drugs are administered intravenously.
  • Alpha blockers.Prostatitis drugs of this class are intended for men with difficult urination. Relaxes smooth muscle fibers of the prostate gland and bladder, reduces sphincter spasms, improves the flow of urine and semen, reduces the number of bowel movements, reduces pressure on the bladder.
  • Muscle relaxants.They have the same effect as alpha-blockers, but target the perineum area, where the volume of volume is frequent during prostatitis. Reduce pressure in the pelvic area, relieve pain.
  • Pain reliever.Reduces pain in the lower abdomen. Dosage should be checked with your doctor.
  • Medicines for botanicals.Based on natural medicinal herbs. They reduce the edema of the prostate gland, inflammation, prevent stagnation, restore the outflow of physiological fluid. Preparations based on pumpkin seeds, vines and sabal are considered popular.
  • Hormonal agents.Aimed at reducing the level of testosterone, contributes to the proliferation of prostate tissue, normalizes the general hormonal background.
  • Take it easy.Designed for patients with impaired quality of life, including sex.
  • Vitamins.Essential for the general strengthening of the immune system, which is weakened by disease and the course of treatment.

Essential drug for prostatitis and brown plant hopper

From the medical point of view, there is no best cure for prostatitis, which is obvious, since this or that drug targets one or more causes of the disease, so onlyapply to one of the developmental forms of the disease:

  • In the acute form of bacteriacaused by bacteria of the E. coli group, it is mandatory to use antibacterial drugs fluoroquinol.
  • The chronic bacterial formusually heals within a few weeks, as antibiotic therapy is not effective for this form.
  • Nonbacterial form of prostatitis, even when no infection is found, is still treated with antibiotics, as specialists have determined a reductionpain syndromes in patients.

The best cure for prostatitis will vary from patient to patient, but there are a few drugs known from advertising and often asked in pharmacies to improve urination, which affectsprostate metabolism and microcirculation. Usually they are prescribed for the treatment of chronic prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Prostate adenoma drugs are mainly androgens that help facilitate urination by increasing the functioning of the organs.

There are many drugs to treat prostatitis, including treatment for prostate adenoma, but remember that it should only be used according to the doctor's prescription, not to arbitrarily use drugs leading to deterioration of health.