The most effective folk remedies for prostatitis

Folk remedies for the treatment of prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis is an unpredictable disease. The transition to remission makes the patient feel euphoric and fully recovers. Refusing to continue treatment will lead to new exacerbations of the disease, the emergence of cystitis, kidney failure and the development of prostatitis into a malignant form.

To prevent these consequences, experienced urologists recommend that patients should not stop fighting the disease, but continue to treat chronic prostatitis with folk remedies. .

Traditional composition

Treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies has been and is in demand for many reasons. First, they are checked by time and second, most of them are cheaper than modern drug therapy. However, the comparison of the therapeutic effect of medicinal herbs and medicinal products is incorrect, since the following drug is always given priority. The role of herbal medicine is not so much in terms of healing as well as in relieving its symptoms.

Folk remedies for prostatitis are not just herbal preparations and other medicinal plant drugs. Also used in home medicine:

  • various beekeeping products (apitherapy therapy);
  • natural substances other than plants;
  • massage;
  • exercises
  • ;
  • heats up, compresses.

Should only buy Phytop preparations and other preparations for the treatment of prostatitis at home in pharmacies. In order to self-harvest medicinal herbs, you must have full knowledge and confidence in the medicinal properties of the harvested plants. Traditional methods of treating prostatitis are only effective when using properly harvested and properly prepared herbal remedies.

As a result of biochemical research carried out, individual ingredients of folk recipes have been incorporated into the composition of modern certified drugs.

Use folk formulas with caution. Their effects on the human body can lead to the appearance of allergic symptoms, increased pressure, impaired function of the digestive tract and the like. The selection of alternative treatments should be left to the care of the physician.

Green vegetables, vegetables and herbs in the fight against prostatitis

food in the treatment of prostatitis

Home treatment of prostatitis mainly involves the use of herbal remedies. It should be noted that herbal medicine is a symptomatic treatment. It helps relieve symptoms, including difficulty urinating, impaired erectile function, pain in the pelvic area.

Once the patient has determined the cure for prostatitis at home with the help of a doctor, you need to buy all the necessary ingredients (they should be specified in the recipe), then youProstatitis can be treated at home without any problems.

Parsley seeds have long been used to cure prostatitis. In addition to its diuretic effects, this remedy can reduce inflammation in acute prostatitis and reduce symptoms of chronic prostatitis. Like the trunk and all other parts of the plant, they contain flavonoids. Parsley seeds are grinded and poured boiling water in the ratio of 1 cup of water to 1. 5 tablespoons of parsley powder, after 15 minutes to soak, drink 4 times a day, one spoonful.

Parsley can be used as a cure for prostatitis by crushing fresh stems and leaves and then squeezing them with water. You need to drink one teaspoon of such parsley juice 30 minutes before a meal. If you scrap the base of the plant, half of the juice will suffice. With such a treatment, it should be borne in mind that excessive use of juice can have adverse effects on the liver and kidneys. To prevent illness, just adding parsley to dishes every day is enough. The home remedies from these herbs help treat an unpleasant symptom like incomplete bladder emptying.

Home treatment for prostatitis could not be imagined without the pumpkin. It is used in all foods, making porridge from pumpkin pulp, eating seeds and making butter from them. The last remedy is considered one of the most effective in the fight against male infertility and prostatitis. You can only eat porridge with pumpkin and rice with added honey and walnuts, but as an option you can eat pumpkin seeds (only in raw form - they lose their healing properties when fried). Eating raw pumpkin seeds every day is very beneficial for the treatment of chronic prostatitis in men and also prevents prostatitis.

herbs and spices in the treatment of prostatitis

Traditional medicine for prostatitis recommends both onions and garlic. The high content of vitamins, antihypertensive substances and antibacterial substances make these vegetables indispensable in the men's diet. You can prepare bacteria with garlic. It is mixed with honey and poured with boiled water in the ratio of 1/3 garlic clove and one teaspoon of incomplete honey in 200 ml of water (cup), after 5 minutes, filtered and applied. This is a very effective remedy for prostatitis at home. If a man has chronic prostatitis, you need to eat onions and raw garlic daily, add them to a smoothie salad or fried eggs.

Treating men with prostatitis with folk remedies is also possible thanks to turmeric's help. Known as a spice, turmeric is an excellent antibacterial agent. Crushed roots pour water with the rate of one glass of water for 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder, drink half a glass a day.

When treating prostatitis with folk remedies, individual sensitivity must be taken into account. While effective as the remedies, they can pose a risk of side effects.

If we talk about turmeric, unlike parsley, it cannot be consumed daily and moreover, in large quantities, as this can cause a bacterial disorder (this spiceaffects the intestinal microflora of the human body). Turmeric is used with caution to treat prostatitis in men at home, if there is a history of diabetes, glaucoma, high blood pressure and any problems with the cardiovascular system. If a man has had a stroke, then it is better to choose another folk remedy for prostatitis.

An effective remedy for chronic prostatitis is also provided with drugs made from dried-burned stinging nettle. Infusion and decoction from it affect the hormonal background and inflammatory processes in the prostate gland. When diagnosed with chronic prostatitis, traditional medicine uses nettle seeds according to the following formula: pour with dry alcohol (at the rate of 0. 5 liters of alcohol per 5 tablespoons of dry seeds), boil in a saucepan. water (the water should be hot but not boiled). for 5 minutes, then let cool and after stressing, drink 2 tablespoons before going to bed.

Some popular recipes recommend dab freshly spit stinging nettle on the perineum: it is believed to cause blood flow and thus help in treating chronic prostatitis. However, the formic acid present in the sting cells of freshly picked nettle can cause burns and allergic reactions.

Stinging nettle preparations are contraindicated in patients with renal impairment and with a tendency to edema, in the case of circulatory disorders (varicose veins) and inflammatory vascular diseases (thrombophlebitis).

Chamomile juice for the treatment of prostatitis

Wild chamomile juice has long been used for medicinal purposes, as well as tincture on the seeds and crushed roots of plants. Echinacea purpurea stimulates the immune system, aids the body's defenses, and helps with healing against bacterial and viral infections. You can buy pre-made tincture in pharmacies. When the prostate becomes inflamed, drink one teaspoon of tincture every two hours, and chronic prostatitis in remission is treated with drinks with chamomile juice.

Cranberry is widely used for prostatitis. Berries can be eaten raw or as a drink made from cranberries. This remedy is very effective at the first signs of the disease. You can also make cranberries, especially jams. This is one of the home remedies for prostatitis in winter, fresh cranberries are difficult to obtain. From fresh berries, you can also make alcohol: a glass of vodka is taken for 100 g of berries (do not grind the berries! ), Dishes are ordered for 2 weeks in a dark place. You need to drink one teaspoon after a meal 3 times a day. Cranberry juice and jelly can be eaten daily. Treatment with cranberry juice is contraindicated in the case of increased acidity of gastric juices, as well as in the case of gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers.

But the most effective folk remedies for prostatitis when combined with medicinal plants. This is especially true of herbal teas. However, if herbal preparations are used in conjunction with traditional pharmacology, it should be noted that traditional methods may impair or enhance the effects of pharmacopoeia. Sometimes it becomes a health hazard.

For all the sure benefits of home medicine, one cannot treat it as a panacea and a miracle that can heal quickly and permanently. Traditional medicine is clearly more effective. In addition, advice on how to cure prostatitis forever with the help of traditional medicine should be taken with healthy skepticism, since it is almost impossible to cure the disease, such as prostatitis. Chronic paralysis, especially after age 60. Another thing is that with the correct use of medicinal herbs, the prostate gland may not increase in size, the symptoms of the disease will also be easier.

Treatment with honey and bee products

honey as a treatment for prostatitis

Propolis is a unique product used in most folk recipes in addition to treating prostatitis. It is a natural antibiotic, has a beneficial effect on the immune system, prevents the development of infection, and has analgesic properties. In the treatment of chronic prostatitis, it is recommended to use alcohol pills or rectal suppositories. Both medications can be produced independently.

To prepare the tincture, put 10 g of crushed propolis into a glass jar, pour 250 ml of diluted medical alcohol to 75% concentration or use vodka, cover the bottle and keep in a cool dark place. in 10 days.

The drug is taken daily on an empty stomach, diluting the required dosage of the drug in 200 ml of warm milk. Furthermore, on the first day of admission, this dose was 10 drops. Every 2 days, it is increased to 3 drops. The course of treatment is designed for 20 days. On the last day of administration, the dosage of the drug will be 40 drops.

Ingredients starting from rectal suppositories:

  • lard - 100 g;
  • propolis - 30 g;
  • natural wax - 25 g.

Melt the fat in a water bath, stir, add chopped propolis. To achieve homogeneity of the composition and add crushed wax to it. After the wax is completely dissolved, remove solid impurities from the melting and cool. Cut the melted frozen portion into thin strips. Form a candle cylinder 30 mm long and 10 mm in diameter, which should be stored in the freezer.

Propolis suppositories for the treatment of prostatitis

During treatment it is recommended to use prepared suppositories daily for 30 days, trying to insert them deeper into the rectum. In the case of remission or during prophylactic treatment, the frequency of suppositories should be reduced to twice a week.

Apitherapy (treated with bee waste) should be used only after allergy test. It is known that honey, propolis, etc. can often cause an allergic reaction.

Honey is used both in its pure form and in other medicines. It can be mixed with:

  • cranberries;
  • chopped parsley (green vegetables, roots);
  • carrot juice;
  • pumpkin seeds twisted in a meat grinder, v. v.

Pumpkin seeds

The traditional method of treating chronic prostatitis with pumpkin seeds is recognized by most official medical representatives as effective. This is due to the fact that, as studies have shown, seeds contain significant amounts of trace elements (zinc, manganese, molybdenum, iron), organic acids, healthy fats, and vitamins A and E. , D.

These ingredients improve the metabolism in the prostate gland, increase male fertility, and delta-7-sterol has recently been found to act on the seminal vesicles and prostate gland, preventinginflammatory process and activation of the genitourinary system, leading to a complete elimination of the symptoms of the disease. . .

Pumpkin seeds for the treatment of prostatitis

Refined pumpkin seeds are not effective enough for the treatment of chronic prostatitis. They retain only the required concentrations of nutrients and medicinal properties in their raw, unrefined form and have not undergone any pre-heat treatment.

The simplest and least effortless way to make medicine for chronic prostatitis is powder. Using any home grinder (coffee grinder, blender or meat grinder), the pumpkin seeds are turned into flour. Therapeutic course is one month. Method of application: 1 tablespoon of the drug 2 times a day before meals.

To increase the effectiveness of treatment, it is recommended to drink the dry preparation with water, in which 2-3 teaspoons of honey have been dissolved before. The course of treatment is one month.

For those with a sweet tooth, you can use a pumpkin cake recipe where 500 g of pumpkin seed powder should be mixed with 200 g of honey, then let the finished product cool down to givepaste in the refrigerator. After reaching the required density, the 1. 5–2 cm diameter mold pellets from the dough block are further stored in the freezer.

Instructions for use: dissolve one at a time before breakfast. The course of treatment is at least 30 days. Positive results of using pumpkin seeds with honey appear within a week and a half to two weeks after starting treatment.

Horse Chestnut

Horse chestnut for the treatment of prostatitis

Another great recipe for a cure for chronic prostatitis is horse chestnut shell alcohol. The low toxicity, the presence of active ingredients in the drug (fraxin, esculin and excin) lead to its widespread use in formal medicine in the treatment of many diseases. Horse chestnut shell wine reduces inflammation and swelling, improves blood circulation, eliminates venous blood stasis, has a beneficial effect on the condition of the prostate gland.

To prepare the alcohol you will need 25 g of chopped shell and 250 g of alcohol diluted to a 75% concentration, or vodka. The prepared shell is poured into a glass jar, wine poured and aged for 21 days in a cool, dark place. Periodically, to shake the tincture. Before use, liquid is peeled off by passing through several layers of gauze.

When collecting medicinal ingredients, you should not use chestnuts collected on city streets or near highways and industrial facilities.

Method of use: tincture is taken 10-15 drops, 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening after meals. The course of treatment in hospital should not exceed 14 days. After 30 days, the course of treatment should be repeated.

In areas where horse chestnut cannot be grown, you can use a standard pharmaceutical preparation that, in addition to chestnut extract, also contains thiamine chloride (a source of vitamin B1).


aloe for the treatment of prostatitis

Aloe, or agave, is a favorite plant of traditional healers. Its medicinal properties have long been recognized by pediatricians and experienced therapists. Biochemical studies have shown that aloe juice, in addition to a wide range of vitamins (A, C, E, H, P, P1) and amino acids, also contains protein structures and enzymes that can remove excess chemicals. inflammatory processes of various etiologies and the anthraquinone compounds present in it by their nature - good anesthetic. Proteases, emodin and acemannan contained in the plant provide effective anti-cancer effects.

That is why agave occupies a special place in the list of recipes for treating chronic prostatitis with folk remedies. The easiest way is to chew the leaves on an empty stomach daily, before eating breakfast. For treatment, use the oldest, most fleshy leaves, located closer to the base. Before use, the leaves must be washed, cut off the lateral spines, divided into sections 3-4 cm long, the unused leaves can be stored in the refrigerator by placing them in a paper bag before use. The course of treatment for admission is 30 days.

Naturally, chewing on aloe leaves on an empty stomach will not give a man pleasant feeling. But there are also many more gentler traditional treatments using this plant. Especially popular with urologists is the treatment by infusing aloe with honey with added Cahors.

The following ingredients are included in the medicinal product:

  • fresh aloe leaves, thinly sliced ​​- 0. 5 kg;
  • honey (linden or buckwheat) - 0, 5 l;
  • Cahors - 0, 5 l.

The leaf selection and treatment is done as in the first recipe. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed in a glass box and placed in the refrigerator for 10 days. The resulting infusion is filtered through layers of gauze.

Pass before meals 3 times a day like this:

  • First week - 1 teaspoon each time;
  • Week 2 - 1 tbsp per week.

According to urologists, the method described has allowed many patients to get rid of chronic prostatitis within two weeks.

Exercise and massage

To prevent prostatitis from returning, you need to regularly perform simple exercises to help you stay healthy. In the morning to wake up, you need to lie on your back, knees bent, pulled towards your chest. Even 5 minutes in this position can well prevent prostatitis. You should do this exercise for no more than 20 minutes.

exercise to treat prostatitis

Squats, must be in morning exercises, help with prostatitis. The day ends with a walk in the fresh air. Heavy pedestrians suffer from prostatitis much less than car drivers and men with sedentary lifestyles.

Also, every man can massage his perineum in the morning, 5 minutes is enough. But a procedure like prostate massage is carried out only by specialist doctors. It is difficult to do this alone.

Bath for prostatitis

Bathing is effective for patients with chronic prostatitis, as long as the man:

  • does not use contrast treatments (alternating heat and cold);
  • hasn't been in the steam room for too long.

For other types of prostatitis, be careful when bathing. Doctors often recommend that you only go to the bathroom during remission, in other cases there is a risk of making your condition worse.

It is good to drink medicinal plants (chamomile, sage, wormwood) after bathing. In the pharmacy, you can buy special herbal teas to drink after bathing. You can combine bath procedures with probiotics based on herbal remedies.

Home remedies can be very effective, but the question of whether prostatitis can be cured with home remedies cannot be answered. The better the oriental medicine, the more effective it is. Some patients only need surgery, and cannot be replaced with traditional medicine and other similar methods. And in all cases, folk remedies must obtain the consent of a doctor. He also needs an emergency emergency if, in the process of using non-traditional methods of treatment, his health deteriorates.