Treatment of prostatitis in men: drugs in the home, effective tools, reviews

Prostate or can't be bacterial-bacterial, depending on the origin. In addition, in a taken nature, a course, a disease is divided into chronic or acute form. The acute form of the disease in most cases induced by gram-negative bacteria. In addition, it can be recognized easily can be treatment, prostate men medicine at home, after consultation with the doctor.

Prostate inflammation

Reason for the prostate

Before you get acquainted with a specificity of treatment, prostate for men medication at home, as well as the treatment is not a traditional recipe, it is necessary to understand the cause of the disease. Primary is The reason that an infection, a prostate, and this in turn facilitates location of the body in the pool. You need to highlight the main ways that an infection, a prostate:

  1. Disadvantage. In this case, the infection penetrates into the prostate and the urine.
  2. Up. The infection penetrates into the prostate through the urethra.
  3. The so-called hematogenous. In this situation, the infection penetrates into the prostate gland along with the blood.
  4. Lymphogenous. In this case, the infection penetrates into the prostate gland and the lymph circulation.

One of the main causes and risk factors for occurrence of prostate in men are as follows:

  1. Sedentary, sedentary lifestyle, exercise is the lack of. Because of this there is stagnation of blood the prostate.
  2. Violations of the normal rhythm of sexual life. The fact that an irregular sexual acts, and a long period of abstinence can trigger the development of this disease.
  3. Hypothermia, which occur in adolescence, in childhood or adulthood. This is especially true in cases where it is cooled, a high part of a test for the men.
  4. Diseases sexually transmitted, such as, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and gardnerellosis.
  5. Damage to organs or tissues of a pool.
  6. The weakened immune system, the patients, the childhood, youth or adulthood.
  7. A balanced diet, which should include the sweet, fatty, fried foods. Also development of prostate contributes to the excessive consumption of alcohol.

A condition for These, because the bacteria in the prostate, but because of the waterlogging process in the body, a ruined blood to the prostate, which in turn leads to an increase in the number of harmful micro-organisms, or progression of an inflammatory process. That's why you need to treat a disease complications when you don't bother the man.


When the first symptoms of the prostate gland in men, the treatment immediately. But first, you should know exactly what the described symptoms of the disease. Frequent urination, or urination in a batch and low-pressure a process, a burning sensation in the area of a dam, increased body temperature, painful urination – this is the first symptoms, the acute form of the prostate in men. In addition, you need to pay attention to the following clinical symptoms:

  • erectile dysfunction;
  • intermittent difficulty in urinating;
  • burning sensation in the perineum or the urethra;
  • more frequent urination;
  • stretching separation, which seems a urethra;
  • the presence of the fibers in a urine;
  • long-lasting erection and the accelerated ejaculation;
  • full test fatigue;
  • not a bright orgasm;
  • mental depression, anxiety;
  • strong low potency.

I also noted, you need to be a chronic prostatitis symptoms may be present, a total of the man, and you can add an additional function.

Prostate inflammation

Acute prostatitis in most cases starts with symptoms of fever up to 40 degrees. A patient tormented by chills, fever. Urination, difficult, painful. Swelling of the prostate which can cause acute urinary retention. In addition, it is extremely bright or pain in the groin area that can give groin a area.

If we talk about chronic prostatitis, very rarely is this the result of the acute form, but usually develops one to delete a initially symptoms. Chronic form of acute different, because this occurs, particular symptoms, i.e. latent.

During a disease exacerbation patients suffer from a feeling of pressure in one area, a dam, or the anus. It appears, dull pain, which gives to the sacrum, a dam, groin, or rectum.

The symptoms of chronic prostatitis a are as follows:

  • decreased libido;
  • erection deterioration;
  • a weak stream during urination;
  • aching pain in a perineum, the rectum and the sacrum;
  • unpleasant burning feeling in the urethra.

In some cases, the people ignore the symptoms. However, a treatment prostate men drugs at home should be carried out immediately. It is due to This that the fact that the complications in the form of a prostate will be much harder to handle than the prostate. But it's getting better known in most of the effective treatment of prostatitis in the home.

Features of therapy

When pronounced intoxication, as well as a suspicion of purulent inflammation of the patients to the hospital treatment. But the men with uncomplicated acute type of a disease can be the treatment of the prostate a home, but you will need to either consult a andrologist urologist.

Finally, it can be cured of the disease, it must comply with the set of certain events, which are successively replace each other during the treatment. But what if the first symptoms of prostate men? The treatment at home, mainly on the basis of antibiotics. In particular, a specialist will prescribe them in the case, if diagnosed with an infectious origin inflammation of the prostate. The at-home treatment, chronic prostatitis, and acute prostatitis includes the 3 types of drugs are the following:

  1. Anti-bacterial agents. In this case, the treatment is carried out, in order that a liquidated infection.
  2. Anti-inflammatory drugs, which in order to remove the inflammation that is characteristic of a disease.
  3. Medications that improve blood flow to the men.
  4. Drugs that relieve spasms of the urethra.

Quite often, as a supplement home treatment for chronic prostatitis specialist provides prostate massage. The fact that such events contribute to the fast recovery, and significantly reduce the pain. The evaluation of a treatment, men prostate massage is to say that this procedure is very useful. Surgical intervention may be necessary only in the case of a channel patient's urinary tract is narrowed, but you want to remove the BPH.

Complex treatment

But in order to avoid the treatment a BPH in men a need to such avoid complications of the prostate. Stick to This a complex therapy of the disease. In these purposes apply various methods, as well as a professionals share:

  • change in lifestyle, diet;
  • drug therapy;
  • different physiotherapy procedures;
  • Physical therapy is a prostate massage;
  • symptomatic treatment;
  • various folk remedies to combat a prostate;
  • therapy part;
  • psychotherapy.

Antibiotic therapy

Features of therapy

As a general rule, professionals an antibiotic, if you have a chronic and acute bacterial prostatitis. Even then, if chronic prostatitis occurs in the least amount of symptoms, you need to take antibiotics. But, before treatment, prostate men to determine the main type of pathogen, the disease and the test. Medical treatment of prostatitis includes a variety of antibiotics, which uncle sanyi spectrum of effects. A treatment, prostate for men at home can be assigned to a following antibiotics:

  1. Tetracyclines;
  2. Macrolides;
  3. Penicillins;
  4. Fluoroquinolones;
  5. Cephalosporins.

Don't forget that the system of the treatment with antibiotics must be strictly prescribed by your doctor, mint one yet antibiotics links of a chain treatment.

Characteristics of home treatment

Treatment of prostatitis should act directly on the receptors, relaxing the prostate. This method greatly facilitates the process of an urination, and eliminates the discomfort. Many, But patients don't want to ruin my liver, taking into account the huge amounts of drugs. Therefore, it is possible that a complete treatment of prostatitis in men folk remedies. But in this case, we recommend that you consult with your doctor.

Herbal treatment

A bought nature has given us many methods of amendments to their own health. One such method is the treatment herbs. Fight against the prostate is a most effective the following plants:

  1. Tansy, bearberry, rosemary antiseptic, and uroseptic action. Preparation of broth To a it is necessary that these cutting plants, the amount is always a spoon. After that, the pot pour hot water in the amount of one and a half cups, one poured a medium thermos with reference to several hours. Who is a soup to channel, after which taken on an empty stomach in the morning a couple of SIPS every day.
  2. Remove inflammatory a process of chronic prostatitis should be consumed as a decoction of chamomile. However, a product also need to add St. John's wort, Echinacea and. The remedy is prepared as follows: all kinds of herbs you need to a spoon, put into a container, pour 350 ml of boiling water, boil at low heat for 10 minutes. The Ready means, to be drunk in the morning instead of black tea.
  3. Nettle, licorice root, sweet clover may thin the blood, reduces blood stasis in a pool. Prepare the broth To a spoon ezek a herbs, grind them, pour boiled hot water, cover the lid. Half an hour later, the drink can be consumed instead of tea. However, you should pay attention to the fact that the drink 2-4 times a day, as long as the people don't feel the overall improvement.
  4. Parsley is a very effective tool when dealing with these words diseases. Added to This the food. You only need a big pile of cut greens, while the cereal, salad or soup. Parsley combined with a herbal tea, the wonders, the fajbiológia the men, a healing of different inflammations, including inflammation of the prostate.

Aspen bark

Another is A very effective folk remedy to combat the prostate a bark of aspen. The roots of the tree go far in the ground, a tree is therefore a very rich chemical composition. Before this, however, the device, the bark is to be prepared. The selected young poplar tree with a thin trunk. Using a circular incision, remove the upper layer of a bark, dry it, then cut it out in the open. More recipes folk remedies against disease the words. It's the most effective of them:

  1. If you just chew a bark in the summer, it won't bring the patient, it's always a pleasure, because he is a very bitter taste. However, this method is a quick pain reliever, anti-inflammatory effect. Chew the bark daily during the acute illness.
  2. This soup is prepared on the basis of a bark of aspen. To do this, a tablespoon of crushed material to get the level three a mug, pour hot water, the amount of a Cup. Loads a crust in 9 hours, and then the soup the strain of a treatment, prevention, until the people will not be better. Medicines drink be consumed in the morning before breakfast.


All bee products on the human tests analgesic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect. The biggest impact in the treatment of prostate can be achieved if we use honey in combination with herbal infusions. A number of effective recipes:

  1. A warm Cup of broth based on the yarrow, and chamomile to add a spoon of honey, mix everything thoroughly. If a daily use of this drink, the improvement of the urogenital system, you will notice after a couple of days.
  2. A Cup of low fat hot milk mixed with a teaspoon of honey. A delicious drink at the questions in before you go to bed. If you don't the person's allergic reaction to the milk to consume every day.
  3. Beer, herbal psyllium husk, licorice root, nettle leaf. A broth add a teaspoon of sense, buckwheat honey, just mix gently. During the consumption, the resulting beverage, a prostate eventually return to normal, the symptoms of the disease disappear.

The evaluation of a treatment, prostate

Many patients who suffered an unpleasant disease of mint, mint for example, the inflammation of the prostate, noted that can be treated quite successfully at home. The therapy to be effective, it is best to use an integrated approach, which not only includes the recipes of traditional medicine, but drug use, especially antibiotics. In addition, the improvement comes much faster if the additional treatment of a prostate massage.