The treatment of chronic prostatitis in men

Since the characteristics of the location of the body, the cancer, the methods of diagnosis of the prostate, some men ignore dangerous symptoms, and are reluctant to visit a doctor. The treatment is very effective, if you don't delay the start.

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Prostate – urologic diseases of the prostate, which is a series of inflammatory processes. This disease there are 2 forms: acute or chronic. The acute form develops rapidly, if you don't take measures of treatment, you go into a chronic phase.

The symptoms of acute inflammation of the prostate characterized by inflammation. The patients with high fever observed chills or fever. In the groin, sudden sharp pain that spreads to the anus. As a result, the process of emptying the bladder can be painful, but it's hard.

The chronic inflammation of the prostate can be observed that the same symptoms as the acute, but less pronounced, sometimes disappears completely for a short time.

In addition to the pain and the temperature of the chronic form of the disease appear discharge a small amount protruding from the urethra. If you don't take measures, not to continue treatment, the inflammation increases, causing problems for erectile function inflammation of the testicles. With the spread of the disease in the urinary system arise, diseases such as cystitis and pyelonephritis.

If the acute form, people immediately turn to the doctors of the chronic inflammation, men tend to ignore symptoms and try to treat without medical help. Such an attitude to the own health is extremely dangerous, as only a doctor can determine how far the inflammation and prescribe the necessary drugs to alleviate health and prevent serious consequences.

Causes and diagnosis of pathology

Causes of common and chronic prostatitis are the same, therefore, the diagnosis and treatment can be carried out in a similar way.

Since the prostate lies in the pelvis, access of the infection can occur in different ways:

  • from the bladder;
  • urethra;
  • the rectum;
  • the lymph vessels;
  • through the circulatory system.

In addition, the disease may occur due to the direct infection of the gland, several factors lead to the development of the disease.

The most common external factors – hypothermia. A long stay in a cold room or sitting on the cold surfaces, that the prostate cancer is less resistant to infections. Harmful to the prostate is a sedentary lifestyle and sedentary work, as well as frequent constipation and other diseases of the intestines.

Self-management is always very dangerous

A similar negative prostate effects long sexual abstinence, and on the contrary, excessive sexual activity. The risk increases the inflammation of any urological and sexual diseases.

Given that the list of factors, as well as the pathogens that the prostate is fairly extensive, effective treatment is extremely important for the accurate diagnosis, so without that the doctor can't.

The primary diagnosis of the prostate the rectal examination of the prostate and capture the secret test. This will help you determine the main pathogen of the disease.

In addition to the examination of the prostate to determine how widespread the infection is. To do this, the urine, blood samples, and is assigned to the ultrasound. If necessary, a full urological examination, and x-ray diagnostics.

To complete the picture, the development of the inflammation, and identify the pathogen, it is possible to determine the treatment process. Because the treatment of prostate depends on the circumstances, and that's very individual, to determine what anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as the additional procedures to treat the disease, only a qualified medical doctor.

Anti-bacterial agents

Effective treatment, prostate in men, medication, massage, physical therapy to physician-driven professionals to avoid side effects, as well as the emergence of treatment resistant forms of infection.

Correctly chosen treatment will help people to get rid of acute prostatitis and chronic translate into long-term remission.

Since the prostate result of infection, without antibiotic therapy, if treatment is not required. Anti-inflammatory medications are prescribed only after receiving all the test results. Even effective cure, adjusted incorrectly or the wrong dosage, can lead to the fact that the pathogen will be much more sustainable to heal will be much harder.

Antibacterial agents in the treatment of prostatitis, the antibiotics, the different groups. Prescribe antibiotics can be in the form of tablets or intramuscular infections. Before prescribe anti-bacterial drugs for the prostate, check the body's sensitivity to them. This allows you to select the most effective drug for each individual case, and to avoid allergic reactions.

The course of treatment is planned antibiotics 10-14 days, during which strictly prohibited the consumption of alcohol. After completing the course did repeat analyses of prostate secretion. If you're still having the infection, then of course the tablets, injection, antibiotics extended for another week.

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Complex treatment of chronic

The treatment of chronic prostatitis not only antibiotics, but also in other ways. The complex therapy includes support, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic drugs, cancer, vitamins.

Recently in the complex therapy began to include immunomodulatory, which is a good result, the prevention of exacerbations of the disease. Thanks to him, many patients reduced pain, restored the erection.

The complex treatment, prostate medicine allowed the use of rectal suppositories, suppositories. Well easy chronic inflammation of the acute stage of the candles, propolis, candles with peptides of the prostate. Suppositories may contribute to the remission, normalizes urination, reduces pain.

In addition to the drug is effective, it means that the prostate gland a doctor may be appointed physiotherapy. Increase the effectiveness of antibiotics and other drugs, as well as improve the circulation in the pool.

Between the physiotherapy treatment is the most effective in the treatment of prostate electrophoresis, magnitophones, laser treatment, and pulsed power. All these procedures are performed with the help of special tools to guide the therapeutic effect to the problem area.

In addition to the drugs, procedures, more effective treatment a diet is appointed, whose main task– to reduce the consumption of salt and other annoying of the prostate substances. It is necessary to exclude from the diet, salted, pickled, canned food, fatty, fried food, cake, soda, and alcoholic beverages. The remission allowable to loosen the strict diet.

Therapeutic and preventive massage

Prostate massage is very effective in the treatment of prevention, although can be achieved to the patients, both moral and physical discomfort. It is because of this discomfort, many people avoid such a procedure. But the massage is the best solution to restore the health of the gland.

Since the prostate massage can be extracted from a large number of secret, which is excreted through the urethra, it is contraindicated in acute or chronic prostatitis in the acute phase. Indeed, in such cases, however, the secret stands out with the source of infection the risk of spread of the body.

If you're not willing to massage the prostate, the treatment of the chronic form of the disease is ineffective, even if the doctor will be able to choose the handle the best medicine. That's why you need to leave the unpleasant intervention is not necessary.

Thanks massage improves blood circulation, increases muscle tone, which allows the drug preparations are more effective, targeted, that affect the problem area. The prostate is a unique organ in the human body, the physical effect which contributes to the recovery.

To perform the procedure, it is best if a professional doctor every 2 days. 40 minutes before the procedure, you should drink a liter of water or fruit juice to the filling of the bladder. The effect on the prostate should be at least 30 seconds. This can cause mild pain that have to endure. If you experience severe pain, the procedure is terminated.

Smoking negatively affects the male body

In addition to the direct massage of the prostate, the doctor may advise the patient of the dam, a massage is a special technique. When you are visiting a therapeutic massage from a specialist is absolutely impossible due to any reason, then resort to the hydro-massage at home.

The traditional methods

The folk medicine in a number of ways can be treated the prostate. But to convince them to help without, the doctor will not be. The prostate is an important sensitive organ. Only the doctor based on the results of the analysis may be prescribe an efficient treatment.

A very popular folk remedy or scrub. They are rich in zinc to have an easily digestible form. This substance is necessary for the normal functioning of the prostate gland, so moderate consumption of pumpkin seeds (not more than 30 pieces per day) could have a positive impact.

This is favourable to the inclusion in the diet, the fresh asparagus is rich in vitamin a, phosphorus, and potassium. Asparagus not only eat, but also the juice that gives visible results, if you drink every day amount of not less than 600 milliliters. It would be useful to add to the asparagus juice carrot, beet or cucumber juice. The drink to be truly effective, you have to cook yourself from fresh ingredients.

Rich in vitamins, minerals parsley, so when the prostate is extremely useful. Particularly useful juice, fresh parsley, which should be taken three times daily, half an hour before meals, 1 tbsp

Very useful for prostatitis honey, propolis. These can be used as food, as well as to them on the basis of different drinks. Given that most folk treatments include the use of beneficial effects on the body foods rich in b vitamins, traditional medicine now there's nothing wrong with them. The main thing is that the folk medicine is not a substitute for medical treatment, but complements it.