Prevention of prostate inflammation

Diseases that affect the intimate sphere, the fear, the stronger. Such diseases are the following inflammation of the prostate, which can affect men of almost any age. The risk the pathology the fact that the acute phase is quickly becoming chronic. Therefore, it is very important for the prevention of prostate. This measure helps the risk to maintain the health of those already affected, the disease is to prevent it from getting worse.

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Characteristics of the disease, the symptoms

Prostatitis called inflammation of the prostate, or prostate. This body plays a significant role in the male body, performing multiple tasks simultaneously. The prostate is actively involved in the process, the ejaculation, and urination, as well as protection from various infections. Therefore, as a result, the defeat affects the whole urinary system. The cause of the inflammation can be as pathogenic micro-organisms that enter the prostate through the urethra, congestion of the pelvic. Often the impetus for the development of the disease it becomes excessive hypothermia. This pathology is acute or chronic. If the acute form, the symptoms of the disease are expressed clearly in the chronic phase of the disease recognition is difficult, as the signs smoother. Here are the typical prostatitis symptoms:

  1. Pain. May the penis of the adjacent region, the scrotum, around the anus, lower part of, or even in the abdomen during the ejaculation after sex.
  2. Problems with urination. Feel burning pain in the whole process, as well as frequent urination, to the toilet.
  3. The appearance of the urethral discharge in the form of a thick liquid.
  4. Violation of potency.

To avoid such problems, it's easier to try to prevent the prostate gland, but do not waste your time and money in the treatment.

Risk factors

Prostatitis is an insidious disease that affects men aged 25 to 50 years. Sometimes suffer from, even 20 years young. Pathology contribute to the following factors:

  • irregular sexual life, or lack thereof;
  • the sex with an untested partner without contraception;
  • the lack of physical activity;
  • a weakened immune system;
  • the chronic stress;
  • common hypothermia of the organs of the small pelvis;
  • the infectious diseases of the urogenital system.

A number of professions, which are more likely to be inflammation of the prostate, which is related to the conditions in certain areas.

The risk group includes the following persons:

  • people engaged in sedentary work;
  • the drivers;
  • those who work in adverse weather conditions. For example, builders, geologists, etc.

Preventive measures


Prevention of inflammation of the prostate may be primary or secondary. The first type aims to prevention of the prostate, the second is the prevention of new attacks of the disease, the chronic form. These activities consists of a complex of measures designed to reduce the risk of the disease, or alleviate the things.

The lifestyle change

Reduce the likelihood of disease, it is recommended to get rid of such harmful habits as alcohol and Smoking. If the alcohol in small quantities does not cause your body a lot of damage to the cigarettes is to once and for all. This habit also contributes to slowing the blood circulation, all the organs, including the pelvic area, which eventually leads to less oxygen to the tissues of the prostate, but it keeps getting worse and worse. In addition, Smoking is a violation of the outflow of venous blood leads to the formation of edema and stagnation of lymph. It is also very important to pay attention to proper nutrition and a little movement during the day, you need to increase physical activity. Very useful to begin or end the day with a cold shower. Increase the blood flow to the prostate and other pelvic organs, and strengthens the immune system.

Physical activity

An active lifestyle has a positive effect on the whole body is a good prevention of prostate. This is because the physical activity do not allow blood to stagnate and saturate tissues with oxygen. This is especially important for those who participate in sedentary work. Increase physical activity you can practice, you begin to a certain set of exercises or just in order to have more time hiking. Best sports activities for the prevention of the disease is considered to be running, all types of walking, as well as various sports games, which do not lead to hypothermia and excessive physical overload. If the disease becomes chronic, you have to give up the weight lifting, swimming, cold lakes and Cycling. As practice, the most effective recognized of the following types:

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  • running slow polupriznanie amount of 5 to 8 db;
  • "birch";
  • "Bike";
  • raise your pelvis in the lying position with the bent legs. We recommend that you keep the pool, the top position for at least 3-5 seconds, but if you ever need to carry out 6-8 repetitions.

Proven prophylactic suppositories. Strengthen pelvic muscles, and anus, as well as the necessary blood flow to the prostate. In the initial stages of exercise is recommended during urination, blood in the urine delayed the stream for 3-4 seconds, repeat this operation 5-7 times in a row. After it will become clear which muscle tightens when the practice, the train may be under different circumstances.

Sexual life

To protect yourself from disease, regularly engage in sex, that not less than 1-2 times a week. It is recommended that a permanent sexual partner, by the way, the men also begin the inflammation due to frequent change of micro-flora. If intimate relationships are missing, the prostate gradually accumulate special secrets, as well as the decomposition products which do not go away in the future lead to the disease. Have a positive impact on people's health and a strong contraction of the pelvic muscles during ejaculation. The best way to avoid the development of infectious prostatitis, it is compulsory to use a condom when the sex with an untested partner. It's better to avoid promiscuity. This eliminates the infection probability. If the sexual life, the man can help with the Masturbation. Of course, it's full of sex, it's not going to replace, but to maintain health help. This is especially applicable to those who have crossed the 40 year mark.

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Food rules

A balanced diet is another means to prevent the disease. Your daily diet must be designed to meet the following requirements:

  • to prevent irritation of the prostate;
  • to improve blood flow in the body, as well as the neighbouring regions provides the hardware essential nutrients;
  • to exclude the possibility of the development of atherosclerosis;
  • to avoid constipation, and the diseases of the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • to strengthen the immune system of the organism.

Achieving these goals will help reduce the use of animal fat, salt, canned foods, fast foods, fried food. It is better to switch to less fatty meat, not to forget the seafood, and increase the proportion of vegetables, fruits and vegetables, and try steamed or in the oven.

Daily diet should include substances such as:

  1. Vitamins a, C, e will help to strengthen the body's defenses to viruses, bacteria. To provide themselves with vitamins, then the specific complexes, but it is best to choose products with the high content.
  2. The zinc. To reduce inflammation, positive effect on the potency will help to produce progesterone, which protects the prostate the appearance of diseases. This element contains the pumpkin, and watermelon seeds, beef, liver, lamb, chocolate.
  3. Selenium. Improves sexual function, fights inflammation, I immunomodulatory effects. You can find eggs, corn, beans, almonds, nuts, seafood.
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Prostate massage

These effects of the prostate is usually prescribed in patients with, chronic prostate inflammation, but can also be used prophylactically. Massage you need a specialist, and consists in the stimulation of the prostate through the anus. A session of this massage duration is no longer than 1 minute, the course consists of 8-10 sessions, in which you must, once in 3 days. The main purpose of the effect on the body, freeing up secret, as well as the pathogenic micro-flora. This is what happens at the end of each session in the form of a spontaneous ejaculation. If you don't the patient need to urinate. Then the secret comes out in the urine. Massage is contraindicated in the presence of gland tumors of any kind, when the accumulation of stones in the duct and the bacterial form of the disease. If the patient has a strong pain effect to stop.

Medicine, food Supplements

The prevention of prostate medication, in different forms. Including tablets, suppositories, capsules or injections. Usually these are the same type of drugs used in the treatment of the disease. The only difference is that the system of reception, which must appoint a physician. The most effective medicine is considered a drug that destroys harmful bacteria, to relieve the tension of the smooth muscles of the prostate a good anti-inflammatory agent. To get rid of the body will help the edema. If you already have the candles, you need to listen to them. In each case, necessary to consult a doctor. With regard to dietary Supplements, which are widely available on the market, you should know that the presence of the disease only in combination with the medicine should be used, otherwise, full healing is not to be expected. But it is a great preventative tool. Here are the most common properties of drugs:

  1. Complex effect on the body, improves blood circulation, strengthens the blood vessels, fighting urinary retention.
  2. Eliminates the problems associated with the urinary and the reproductive functions, as well as an anti-inflammatory effect.
  3. Allows you to eliminate the pain during sexual intercourse, swelling, inflammation and improve the metabolism of the body concerned.

Visit to the doctor


In order to remain healthy longer, visit the doctor-urologist healthy man needs at least 1 time per year. After 40 years recommended every year, to the ultra sound of the prostate. If the disease is chronic, the prescribed treatment should be examined, if the 3 months the first year, and then for the next 3 years should be checked every 6 months. When detecting the at least one symptom of illness a visit to the doctor should not be postponed. This will help you to overcome the disease and prevent the transition to the chronic stage.

The traditional methods

The prevention of the disease at home, you can use traditional recipes. Completely replace them in the treatment should not be the drug is not a cure-all. Pay attention to the following:

  1. 25-30 eating pumpkin seeds on an empty stomach every day.
  2. Beer, tea instead of rind of a chestnut.
  3. Drink 1 tablespoon of elderberry juice before meals, three times a day.

Treatment, prevention of the prostate is an important event all human. As much as it sounds, but prostatitis is not a death sentence. This disease can be cured. Don't be afraid of such diseases, it is important not to give up the head not to run this disease.